The Book of Abramelin tells the story of an Egyptian mage named Abraham or Abra-Melin, who Dehn attributed authorship of The Book of Abramelin to Rabbi Yaakov Moelin (Hebrew יעקב בן משה מולין; ca. –), a German Jewish. The Book of Abramelin: A New Translation – Revised and Expanded (Book, ) by Abraham von Worms, Edited by Georg Dehn, Translated by Steven Guth. Buch Abramelin. Ed. G. Dehn, Saarbrücken ) These texts have additional material and reflect a more elaborate operation. One notable difference is that the .

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The book exists in the form of twelve manuscripts and an early printed edition. Furthermore the words in these ancient languages imply “formulas of correspondences” with more ease than those of the modern ones.

Abramelin the Mage – the Sacred Magic of – Hell Fire Club Books

He rendered himself invisible, he used to fly in the air, he used to enter through the keyholes into locked-up rooms, he knew our greatest secrets, and once he told me things which God alone could know. Cagliostro is also said at Milan to have availed himself of the services of an orphan maiden of marriageable age as clairvoyant.

But these miserable wretches had made a pact with the Devil, and had become his slaves, having sworn unto him that they would work without cessation to destroy all living creatures. Abraham’s remarks concerning the errors of astrology in the common sense, and of the attribution of the planetary hours are worthy of careful note.

When i was reading this book, i was thinking about the practioners out there who done the Abramelin Operation using Mathers version has their starting point. I made a search and I found three things but I bet there are many more! Therefore to deny any religion instead of only abjuring the mistaken or erroneous parts thereof would be equivalent to denying formally and ceremonially the truths on which it was originally founded; so that whenever a person having once done this should begin to practise the operations of the Sacred Magic, he would find himself compelled to affirm with his whole will-force those very formulas which he had at one time magically and ceremonially though ignorantly denied; and whenever he attempted to do this, the occult Law of Reaction would raise as a ceremonial obstacle against the effect which he should wish to produce, the memory of that ceremonial denial which his previous renunciation had firmly sealed in his atmosphere.

I communicated my intention to my companion, but he for his part wished to follow out his enterprise and seek his good fortune; so I prepared to return.

The Book of Abramelin tells the story of an Egyptian mage rehn Abraham pronunciation: It also did not fill dshn most of the letters in the magical squares, abramelinn many of Mathers’ comments on the same are irrelevant. To the sincere and earnest student of occultism this work cannot fail to be of value, whether as an encouragement to that most rare and necessary quality, unshaken faith; as an aid to his discrimination between true and false abramekin of magic; or as presenting an assemblage of directions for the production of magical effects, which the author of the book affirms to have tried with success.


The death of Josse, and the resignation of Wenceslaus, left Sigismond sole master of the Empire. But we must remember, that in his age, the conversion to another religion invariably meant an absolute, solemn and thorough renunciation and denial of any truth in the religion previously professed by the convert.

Being then summoned to lay aside the Papal mitre, he judged it prudent to consent; but a few days later, he succeeded in escaping in disguise, during a tournament given by the Duke of Austria.

On the 29th May,this Pontiff was solemnly deposed by the Council of Constance as being given to simony, impudent, a secret poisoner, and a spendthrift of the wealth of the Church; and was imprisoned in the castle of Heidelberg.

The particular scheme or system of magic advocated in the present work is to an extent “sui generis,” but to an extent only.

I am astonished when I consider the blindness of many persons who let themselves be led by evil masters, who take pleasure in falsehood, and, abrmaelin may rather say, in the demon himself; giving themselves over unto sorceries and idolatries, one in one manner, another in another manner, with the result of losing their souls.

He probably means the copies he himself had been ordered by Abramelin to make, and not the originals. I faithfully obeyed him, executing from point to point abgamelin which he had ordered me to do. However, he showed ambivalence about the role that his use of hashish had played in this experience, so in Octoberhe again performed the operation in Paris without its use.

I challenge anyone to find a logic in the preceding quote! Unto this day do they sing in the streets of the terrible end which befel him, may the Avramelin God of his mercy preserve us from such a misfortune.

The grimoire abrameelin framed as a sort of epistolary novel or autobiography in which Abraham of Worms describes his journey from Germany to Egypt and reveals Abramelin’s magical and Kabbalistic secrets to his son Lamech. Now, in the Cabala, we generally prepare ourselves forty days before. It is amazing to me that Mathers did not recognize this fact. Chief, and first, that it aids the mind to conceive the higher aspect of the operation; when a different language and one looked upon as sacred is employed, and the phrases in which do not therefore suggest matters of ordinary life.


Such races, superior abrmaelin man in intuition, and magical powers; inferior to him in other ways; superior to him in their power in a particular current of an element; inferior to him in only partaking of the nature of that one element; are of necessity agramelin be found constantly recurring in all the mythologies of antiquity. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

It is not sufficient to travel and journey abroad and see many lands, if one does not draw some useful experience therefrom.

He asked me how I had succeeded, and whether I had found that which I wished. It is entirely beyond the scope of this introduction for me to give here any lengthy dissertation on the natures, good or evil, of spiritual beings. This veritable science shall remain in thee and thy generation for the space of seventy-two 6 years, and will not remain longer in our Sect. Some of these had two years for their pact to run, some three, and after that time they underwent the same fate as the Bohemian.

The noted occultist Franz Bardon evidently was familiar with and used the edition of Peter Hammer. Includes the previously undiscovered and unpublished Part 4 being a list of spells and rituals. I gave unto mine Emperor Sigismond, 2 a very clement prince, a familiar spirit of the Second Hierarchy, even as he commanded me, and he availed himself of its services with prudence.

If it sounds like too much is the same to bother purchasing this book, let me counter by listing the things that are different. Share on Pinterest Share.

Review: The Book of Abramelin (ed. Georg Dehn)

Finding myself in this situation I could think of no other thing to do than to submit myself to the help of the divine providence by invoking his abramein holy name, who then granted unto me his most holy grace, for in turning my eyes in the aforementioned direction, I beheld coming towards me a venerable aged man, who saluted me in the Chaldean language in a loving manner, inviting me to go with him into his habitation; the which courtesy I accepted with an extreme pleasure, realising in that moment how great is the providence of the Lord.

I have known and felt the abramelinn of the goodness of the wise Abraha Melin, 4 abramflin of his own free will, and before I had asked him so to do, accepted me for his disciple. For an indispensible new English translation, see Georg Dehn’s. One of the main issues is over the practice of the Abramelin operation.