English – Ad Alfa Plam Central 23 For sale, Bitola, Bitola, HOME AND FAMILY, Home Appliances, Ovens and Microwaves, Alfa Plam. English – Ad Kotel Alfa Plam central 23 For sale, Tetovo, Brvenica, HOME AND FAMILY, Home Appliances, Heating and Air Conditioning, Друга марк. Specifications. Manufacturer: Alfa Plam. Jacket type: with water jacket. Power of the body: kW. Power of water jacket: kW. Diameter of the flue: mm.

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The valve allows replacement of the expansion vessel without draining the heating system. Comfort and coziness at an affordable price.

Wood boiler ALFA PLAM | akvaterm

Please contact us if you need any further information. Additional Information Warranty 2 Years Weight kg There are no reviews yet. Built-in pipeline snake copper tube that when it is connected with the thermal valve serves as a thermal safety fuse for possible overheating of the stove Steel plates for cooking, there is a possibility of removing the plates entirely to clean them thoroughly Special key to open the firebox door in the case of overheating of the handle Stove power regulator, regulating the boiler water temperature: Select a page Languages English.

The commissioning of the hot water pump then takes place when the temperature of the boiler exceeds the temperature of the heat accumulator to the set by the user hysteresis. Through this process, pla, the heating sooting and condensation is minimized or prevented thus extending 32 life of the entire system in the combustion chamber.

Fuel storage drawer in the lower part of the cooker. Diaphragm expansion tank Typically, accumulator tanks can store heating water for long periods due to there thermal efficiency and layering properties. TWO-way valve Regulus DBV-1 thermal safety for fireplaces and boilers without internal safety heat exchanger for closed systems to DIN serves to drain off the excess heat.


Brandschutzklasse 1, better insulation, much easier assembly as in flexible foam insulation! We can help you with accumulator tank sizing, and selection.

Only when the set temperature of the heat accumulator is reached, the central heating pump is switched on. In addition to the lowest prices as possible, as lever for achieving competitive advantage we are pointing out the quality of provided service. Present on the markets of Montenegro, Republika Srpska and Macedonia.

2 oven has a double-layered glass and built-in thermometer. Call or email us with your requirements, and see how we can help Please feel free to call our pkam dept where we can help to specify a tank that suits your needs, or recommend a suitable solution to your your thermal storage requirements.

Built-in hot water boiler for a central heating system.

When used in conjunction with effective mixing and loading valves, they can help to get the best use out of your biomass boiler. Be the first to review this product. Our efforts are focused on development and on the creation of such a relationship, in which Central-H can be recognized as a reliable and long-term partner. Shut-off valve with sealing device, Connection: Cemtral operation modes – summer and winter. The hot water pump works until the temperature of the boiler and the storage to compensate, or to the set temperature of the memory is reached.

The central plma pump turns on when the temperature of the boiler exceeds the preprogrammed temperature of the start-up of the central heating pump. CS controller 1x Boiler safety group brass, insulation mi 2. If this mode is not turned on, the pumps operate independently, without the priority for domestic hot water pump.


Email to a Friend. Koviljska 5, Novi Sad 21 23 22 office1 central-ch.

The CS controller is designed for the control of central heating and hot water pumps. Provide all the accessories that you will need to install the tank, and help with system design. The hot water pump works on the principle of temperature differences.

Alfa Plam Central 23

One of the ventral important distributors of copper pipes, copper, brass and bronze fittings in Serbia. Burning a smokeless fuel such as anthracite provides a fire with a high, even temperature and a slow burn rate, which can easily cdntral kept in overnight. It is one of the most important distributors of copper pipes, as well as of copper, brass and bronze fittings in Serbia.

Ivanjica May 11, New Business Unit: Alfa Plam Alfa Term 20, 23kW. Built-in emergency heat evacuator in case of overheating. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Regulator for a secondary burning and combustion of flue gases, in cases where coal is used. Highlights from our offer. Multi fuel stoves are easy to clean as most have riddling grates to shake ash into an ash pan and air wash systems to keep the centrzl clean.

Equipped with removable steel hot plates and an oven. First, the hot water pump is switched on. Equipped with two regulators – one for the stove and an automatic one for the water in the boiler.

The return increase has a positive effect on the efficiency of the plant and increases the service life of the boiler or water leading fireplace considerably.