Good day all, I need some help with my Arboga U mill/drill press. I got a kind of stuck in overhauling my mill. I figured out, that the worm. Hi guys, I’m considering buying an Arboga U mill/drill as a small second milling machine in my workshop and would like to hear some real. Machinery Scandinavia AB. Tungatan 10, 83 Rosenfors, Sweden tel +46 , fax +46

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Mine looked older though. You can’t post pictures on this group, as it’s a text only group.

Machineseeker Trust Seal

So I am still watching out. Odzak, Bosnia and Herzegovina dealership location. Check the address of the dealer. May need to make some new gears for the head but until i get it running will not know.

There might be one on there that will help. Machineseeker Trust Seal What is the seal?

Arboga U2508 Mill/drill to be set up as a mitering machine

On 9 Aug, In addition, before a standard “Autolock” chuck can be used in the head, it needs to be modified to accept the retaining ring and plate; this is, however, an apparently simple matter. Kapema BM 25 – MK3. Not ideal if you ever planned to remove it!!!


If you want I can post a few pics of the whole setup. Pull the motor windings that are built into the machine and retrofit the guts from a 3phase 1HP rpm doner.

Deinze, Belgium dealership location. BTW I have a short threaded test piece with the Arboga thread on it, OK if you want to borrow it or if you are dead stuck I can make you a threaded sleeve.

I need to downsize my workshop a bit to move stuff out of the house to make way for our new arrival no not the new mill?

CONVERSION: CNC Arboga U Mill Conversion

How often do you want to be notified about new listings? John thanks for the offer of the test piece but i should be ok on that front. Does anybody have a manual containing a sectional drawing and parts list for this gearbox?

Table is not massive Good points: Machine dealer with o Cutting ballscrews to length the Use 20×5 ballscrews on the X and Y. With what seems to have been only a handful of specially ordered exceptions, the 2-speed, 3-phase motors were of a type that used a dahlander connected winding, sometimes known as a tapped wound configuration. You can create a label. Copy and paste it into your browser if not. Credit report must not contains negative criteria.


Still waiting on the screws to arrive for this one and still mulling ideas about the screw needed for the Z’d if i go down that route. Krefeld, Germany dealership location. Originally Posted by 2e0poz. Very sturdy machine and knocks spots off most medium size mills, even modern ones 2. Your contact seems to be inactive. Chinese chuck is no match for a Clarkson but is adequate for me.

Fitted with the faster of the two high-speed options to r.