Arquillian combines a unit testing framework (JUnit or TestNG), ShrinkWrap, and . For this tutorial, we’ll use JBoss AS 6 (currently at Milestone 2), for which we. Arquillian is a platform that simplifies integration testing for Java middleware. Define value for property artifactId:: arquillian-tutorial. Arquillian is a testing platform for JavaEE applications. This tutorial creates an Arquillian test and executes it on the Wildfly container.

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You can only have one container adapter on the classpath at a tutoriao. We can use Maven profiles to partition the dependencies into groups, one group for each container adapter and its related artifacts. To be able to write and run our Arquillian test, we need javax-inject.

In the test-resources arquiklian, create a new file arquillian. You could say “no business component is an island. To be able to run an Arquillian test in a managed container, the container adapter needs to know the container location. Starting JBoss AS in debug mode. Of course, CDI beans become such only within the context ttorial a CDI Container, and that infers both starting a server and deploying into it. If you recall from the getting started section, we included an Arquillian library according to the target container we wanted to us.

Arquillian packages the test, deploys to the container as arqui,lian Java EE archive, executes the tests remotely, captures the results and feeds them back to the Eclipse JUnit result view or in the Maven surefire results. The second profile is named arq-jbossas-remote ; it will perform testing against a remote JBoss AS instance:. Open up the pom. This chapter qrquillian through the details of test execution, covering both the remote and local container cases. If you expand the project, it should look similar to figure 2.

Arquillian: a Quick Start Guide – Help | IntelliJ IDEA

Enriching the test class. This is the first indication that testing EJBs is not quite as straightforward as it might seem. We created Arquillian to realize that goal. Then, look for a select menu in the main toolbar, which you can use to set the active Maven profile. Define the deployment archive for the test using ShrinkWrap Declare for the test to use the Arquillian test runner.


Add More Containers As you learned earlier, Arquillian selects the container based on which container adapter is on the classpath. We believe that integration testing should be no more complex than writing a basic unit test.

Any of these resources can be injected directly into your test class using the Java EE 5 Resource annotation. Anatomy of a test 6. An integration testing framework for Java EE. For a remote container, this means copying the archive the hot deployment directory or deploying the archive using the container’s remote deployment service. But more on that later. Inside the Forge shell, execute the following command to create a blank project, much like we created a project using the Maven Archetype above:.

In the Project tool window, right-click the src folder, point to New and select Java Class. Keep in mind, though, you may need it to retrieve other JBoss software not available in Maven Central. The message printed to System. We recommended setting User variables for Forge, unless you have placed the unzipped distribution in a folder where all users can access it.

Getting Started Edit this file. Select the Maven property sheet and in the first form field, enter jbossas-remote ; you also need to tell Maven to not resolve depedencies from the workspace this interferes with resource loading:. However, we first need to add a container adapter to the classpath. The test case is dispatched to the container’s environment through coordination with ShrinkWrapwhich is used to declaratively define a custom Java EE archive that encapsulates the test class and its dependent resources.

Right click on the InjectionTestCase. With Arquillian, you no longer have to worry about setting up the execution environment because that is all handled for you. Then, delegate the task of creating the greeting to the injected bean listing 9. Unlike a normal unit test, Arquillian does not simply dip into the entire classpath.

Data APIs for Developers. Especially true of business components, you eventually have to ensure that the declarative services, such as dependency injection and transaction control, actually get applied and work as expected.

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Under Dependenciesclick and select Add maven dependency. Currently Arquillian is distributed as a Maven only project, so you’ll need to grab the examples from SVN.

Have fun poking around!

Click the run configuration selector and select Edit Configurations. If you intend to use multiple containers, read on.

Testing needs vary greatly, which is why it’s so vital that, with Arquillian and ShrinkWrapwe have decomposed the problem into its essential elements. At the same time, the file GreeterTest. The container deployer has no knowledge that the archive was package by ShrinkWrap.

Arquillian: a Quick Start Guide

Now all we need to do is inject the Greeter instance into a field directly above the test method and replace the unimplemented test method with one that asserts the behavior of the bean. The initial content of the test class is defined by the corresponding template.

This means that aarquillian of testing a POJO with EJB annotations that are ignored and therefore testing an object arquilliab none of the functionality of an EJBwe are testing an object that behaves in the same way that it would when deployed to an application server.

The profile is activated either using either a commandline flag -P or a preference in the IDE. The mission of the Arquillian project is to provide a simple test harness that developers can use to produce a broad range of integration tests for their Java applications most likely enterprise applications.

With that in mind, let’s consider where we are today with integration testing in Java EE and why an easy solution is needed.

The first time you try Arquillian, you may find that assertions that use the Java assert keyword are not working. This way, you only have to maintain the version in one place and can reference it using the Maven variable syntax everywhere else in your build file.