Tagged with Sangean ATSA. Guest Post: Revisiting the Realistic DX RadioShack ad for the Realistic DX Many thanks to SWLing. SANGEAN. MODEL: ATSA. World Band Receiver. Har noe. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. Page 2. 5 6. 78 9. 8. &. ・. にしの』. A good friend of mind persuaded me to get the new up and coming radio company Sangean, and the new ATSA for $ then. So, I went that route and.

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RadioShack ad for the Realistic DX If you got the early ATS Sangean radio try this mod I think you will also be pleased with the results of this simple but effective mod. Ads are what helps us bring you premium SWLing content!

It’s no match for a good modern receiver but it is very stable and reliable. No weak audio here. And, Just my preference. I like the seperate treble and bass controls.

The only flaw I was able to find was that it seemed that the previous owner had lost the screw on tip of the internal whip 8803a and had placed a plastic cap on the end in its place. Probably due to the input filtering since it was built before the MW X-Band. However, I was anxious to pair the DX with the Realistic amplified antenna that I had picked up years ago at an auction. We had a 20 minute ragchew. I waited until 30 seconds 8803a the end of the auction and placed the minimum bid.

I use 803s to listen to the airport weather beacons. Contact the site with comments or questions. Results 1 to 4 of 4. I have owned a dx since and have used it extensively.

The separate bass and treble controls are also a big help with QRM and adjacent chan noise.


When the UAE winds ultimately broke the doublet at the RCA connector, I stripped the ends and made a random-length end-fed wire out of it. No it’s not an Icom or a Drake or 803w Kenwood,but if you want budget dx’ing that is the best, pick up this radio.

ATSA Radio Sangean; Chung Ho City, build –

It was a rather cloudy day weather-wise and I was concerned about a middling solar flux. The unit I have was bought at a hock shop at Cronulla yerars ago. Can’t complain about the choice of tone since both able to choose bass and treble levels. It’s best to power this radio 803aa a transformered 9VDC mA wallwart, since switching power supplies will be heard with this portable.

Sangean A/Radio Shack DX Product Reviews

I kept it for years then gave 8803a to my elderly dad, who liked it for casual listening. My heart sank a little bit when I opened the battery compartment to find 2 AA cells left in for the last 5 years that were supposed to power the clock and the memory functions. Skip to main content. Power supply has negative tip, so that can trip you up. Trending Price New. I set another alarm. Brought it home and it zts filthy, but cleaned up like new both inside and out.

Defunked it, and cleaned 8033a scratchy slide volume, bass, treble and balance controls and then added some batteries and it works like a charm. This radio comes with a variety of product names, but this was the first to evolve. I have written a more detailed article of this mod and posted it on the ATS Yahoo Group and posted pictures of the mod.

Sangean ATS 803a PLL Shortwave World Band Receiver Radio

SSB is available through use of a bfo which can be tricky but is able to be used with a light touch to cut the warbly voices into clear speech Overall not found new anymore but if you paid less than a You may also like.


After playing with it last night and this morning, I found zts FM side of things isn’t that good. I bought the first one new in and it served me well for many years and I did a few mods to it ate they aren’t fireproof.

Batteries seem to last forever. I modified mine to have a wider bfo function and to reduce the ‘chuffing’ when tuning it but I have lost the details.

Could this really happen? Still, it’s a keeper with me. I was ready to change that. I finally got my digital receiver in the form of the Realistic DX from my parents one Christmas.

I recall a tendedncy to overload slightly when using an Active 083a, but that was easy to resolve and in any case, it added unnecessary complexity for a travel radio. At least not for DX’ing anyway. The build quality is solid and ergonomically it is a pleasure to operate.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. I set an alarm on my watch and came back in an hour. Hard to believe that was over 20 years ago! The only mod I’ve done on this one is the anti chuff and I may replace the FETs on the front end, it’s a bit noisier than I remember the other one being. I’m giving it a 5 because of it’s sensitivity, durability, clean sound, ease of use and making allowances for it’s age.