Yoursavedplansarelocatedin”MyPictures\BackyardEOS\Plans\”folderbydefault. Load Loadapreviouslysavedcaptureplan. Save Savethecaptureplan. BackYard EOS – how to connect camera & computer – posted in DSLR A PDF Manual for Back Yard EOS would be highly appreciated. Don’t you need to manually focus the star by adjusting the focus rack BackyardEOS doesn’t focus the camera,you have to do that using the.

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You can read more about my experiences photographing the Whale Galaxy, including the complete photography details here: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. So you might say that the APT had a role in inspiring future astro imaging tools. And the focus, someone said the lower you can get the number the better.

Just been out and starting to get the hang of it.

All of the applications I have used for controlling my camera have had one thing in common; they make life easier. Pause optional SelectaPausevalue inseconds ,whichwillbeusedtopausethecamerabetweeneachexposure.

I think that advanced imagers can have a hard time viewing software through the eyes of a beginner, as I know I have been guilty of excluding information about my workflow. Or sign in with one of these services. Would someone be so kind and give me a quick run through on this as I cant seem to find much on the net. The biggest difference I noticed when using this program was the overall ease of use and simplicity for my needs. As I continue to learn how to get the most of my image control software, I will dive into some of the more advanced features.

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I also enjoyed the Flats wizard, once I learned how to use it! I’m just trying to focus on something in the house and the higher the number the better the focus?

Im Struggling with the following Also congrats on the number of people viewing your videos, FB page, and your Astro Backyard page as well. FIT files created by these cameras.

This prevents thermal shock to the camera, and I had no idea about this issue until using the cooling aid in APT! If you have any experience using APT and have something to add, please let me backywrdeos on Facebook. The camera should be set to manual.

Astro Photography Tool Review

This highly acclaimed software is in use all around the world by thousands of users. Continued use of SGL indicates your acceptance of our cookie policy. I know that the maanual plans on adding support for Nikon cameras soon. I am certain that in the past year you have become quite well acquainted with APT and maybe you could make a more detailed review of its uses. Connectingyourcameratoyourcomputerforthefirsttime Ifthisisthefirsttimeyou areconnectingyourcamerayouyourcomputerpleaseallowampletimeforWindowstocompleteits initialdriversetupbeforestartingtheapplication.

Pause optional Usethisfieldifyouwantapause inseconds betweenlooprecordings. Mabual would like to try the APT when it arrives, and I am wondering what kind of cable I will backywrdeos for that. VerticalBars Theverticalbarsallowsyoutoquicklyvisualizewherethehistogram orimagedata ispeaking.

Ok so I ve learnt how to change the shutter, iso, aperture etc. The regular updates and support groups dedicated to this software are a reassuring sign.

Backyardeos – Getting Started With Imaging – Stargazers Lounge

Im sure a solution will surface for Sony users in the future. Send Cart in an Email Done! Sign In Sign Up. Your cart email sent successfully: The defaultvalueis1 nostacking butyoucanchoosetostackup20frames. One feature I appreciated right away, was baciyardeos detailed tooltip popup windows. You have duplicated a sentence in the above,text thought it worth pointing out so you can correct. The tooltips of this function taught me a valuable lesson about cooling a CCD camera.


This could be a real time saver in the future, not to mention having frames that register perfectly with minimal overlapping.

BackyardEOS & BackyardNIKON

I think you need to use a star to focus on. Finally, Astro Photography Tool has graced my imaging laptop screen, and I am happy to report that it appears as though I saved the best for last.

Have you read the manual? This speaks manusl of your content, and your approach to astronomy, and your delivery method as well. Important Information By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. The application connects directly to your camera and provides an advanced interface to automate the exposure sequences.

I was able to spend minimal time adjusting settings, and get up and running right out of the gate. Just been out to try it on some stars DSLR Only and all it seems to be doing is selecting the highest iso backgardeos my cam and changing the shutter speed to bulb. There is no better way to mznual a new imaging application than to put it to use for a night of deep sky imaging. Can’t help you on this myselfI use APT