Seth Klarman of Baupost letter warns Capital poured into higher-risk venture investments at an accelerated pace in Japan’s. The Complete List of Q4 Hedge Fund Letters to Investors . The 10 Best Charlie Munger Quotes Seth Klarman’s Baupost Group. Gator Financial Partners Q2 investor letter . Howard Marks – Oaktree Capital Memos, Seth Klarman – The Baupost Group, Jamie Dimon.

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A collection of Seth Klarman’s Baupost Group Letters

Capital poured into higher-risk venture investments at an accelerated pace in Value investing has lagged the market but will not always. Munger would say, if you cannot handle a bit of under-performance, you deserve the average returns your going to get.

I think that depends on what the thesis was. They’re in a position of strength. In my mind, their work helps create a template for how to approach markets, how to think about volatility in markets as being in your favor rather than as a problem, and how to think about bargains and where they come from…The work of Graham and Dodd has really helped us think about the sourcing of opportunity as a major part of what we do—identifying where we are likely to find bargains.

The fact is that tons of investors – and the market as a whole – have made tons of money during the last decade. Baupkst continued, “This is particularly true if that market is trading at record levels of valuation, supported more by money flows than by fundamentals, as happens sometimes.

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Baupost letter: Softbank As Symptoms Of A Second Tech Bubble

There should be a public rating system on these Letters, all of us who open and read it inevstor rate it 1 star to 5 star insightful. Are there any other investment letters worth reading? How would you handle the following situation?

These people spend all their work time investing, yet their performance is terrible.

Seth Klarman Resource Page

I guess that investors are stupid giving these morons money so they can beat the market as the market can now be invested in at ZERO cost with the new zero fee fund available. Short bapuost of market movements push the culture that investment decisions can be made in under a minute. Want to add to the discussion? Timing is not a viable factor you can consistently depend on, IMHO.

A collection of Seth Klarman’s Baupost Group Letters | Stock Screener – The Acquirer’s Multiple®

Do you like it better? Value investing is about vaupost in stock that are out of favour and short term underperformance is normal, no body can time the market.

Wonder how reliable that is. I’m often impressed with the people at Pender funds, and this commentary was no exception.


As an investor, you should obviously do better than a random coin toss. Axiom Asia on Xi Xinping. Remember, long-term horizon can be one of the stronger edge. In this environment, the chaos is so extreme, the panic selling so urgent, that there is almost no possibility that sellers are acting on superior information.

Do you think Klarman is right about the current market or wrong?

This is expected to reclassify Facebook and Alphabet into that new sector [ He also used the Q2 letter to explain why using a concentrated portfolio is ideal as opposed to diversifying. That’s stocks that went down and 5 that went up.

I read many ihvestor the letter last and was just aghast at the poor performance. Longcast Advisors – https: The tariffs to date are quantitatively small by any macroeconomic metric. Without AC, closer toyou will start seeing billing slow and redemptions accelerate Link to all posts https: The key question is if this is where it stops.

Value, which is determined by cash flows and assets, is not.