Form 6 – Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll after the draft To check if your name has been included in the electoral rolls, you can follow the steps. Disclaimer: Contents on this website is meant for searching only. Website designed and hosted by Election Commission of India, New Delhi (INDIA). PDF of Electoral Roll (showing details of all enrolled voters) as on 21 Jan

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The Election Commission of India has a separate secretariat at New Delhi, consisting of about officials, in a hierarchical setup. I was allotted Part No.

CEO Uttar Pradesh- Complete Information and Helpdesk

Only then would you be able to access and ceoupemp the election commission form no. Now the voters can directly apply for registration from the comfort of their homes by using their computer screens.

January 30, at 1: The details ceoupttemp corrections in undermentioned voter IDs are as follows: Suppose, you have completed 18 years of age today. Comment Policy [Please read this before posting your comments]: On the website home page you have to select the following option present on the right side of the page: Although the process for getting an Election Commission of India Voter identity card does not change from one year to another but still the officials at the commission keep on adding layers of convenience into the voter registration process.

The Election Commission of India 2014 Voter ID Card Registration

All in all a voter id card is still a very important identity document issued by the Election Commission of India. January 17, at 2: The website for the same is […].

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No Earlier, the age for registration of a voter was 21 years. Rokl a capital city of TWO January 20, at 8: Ceouptepm submit form-8 for correction in my name before five months. According to Section 14 b of the R. Below are some of the important links in the same respect.

Supplement Electoral Roll

However, such of the non-resident Indian Citizens who are employed under Govt. Your email address will not be published. Therefore all those voters who shift to another address that lies in a different constituency can also fill the voter id card form no.

Any mistakes or errors in the voter id details later can be rectified by filling a different election commission of India form Form 8 for correction of details.

November 20, at 4: One of the most obvious reasons why a voter slip can not make the voter id card obsolete is the longevity of the voter id card.

Information available from the Official Website: August 27, at February 19, at 6: These options go like: For every constituency, there is a list of voters which is called electoral roll.

CrossingRepublikOwnersAndMembersAssociation-CROMA: Re: [CROMA] Solutions for Voter IDs

But still being endowed with one well before the election day does help you ensure that you would be able to cast your vote and make your opinion count. Name of the Organisation: Uttar Pradesh has always been the decisive state to form a Government in the Centre.

Especially for a country like India where there are so many states and each state has above par population, the need for a more localized authority to handle voter registration and election related tasks in evident. Hi Ceouptekp, Please follow the steps in this link to apply for duplicate voter ID card: Firstly, even this application has to filled only once.


Kindly issue me a duplicate card so that I can cast my vote in the upcoming UP elections on 11th February Please look into the matter. Therefore if you have any queries, you can always contact the CEO Uttar Pradesh call centre at To get the voter id card in Rolll Pradesh, you can either use the above mentioned method to apply on the ECI ceouptekp or you can also log on to the provided CEO UP web address and apply for voter id card directly there. It is the duty of the Chief Electoral Officer to ensure free and fair elections in the state, such that more percentage of votes are cast.

November 13, ceouptempp 1: But I have not got any information about the id.

Election Commission EC ensures that the process of making new Voter Id card is as simple as possible to encourage more and more voters to register for it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply How to add comment: