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U In order to reduce on-site commissioning, the application software should be checked and quality control certified off-site by the control system contractor.

Check the function of any associated alarms. Depending on the specified level of integration, cause-and-effect tests should be performed for the following: It is particularly helpful if the control parameters can be displayed simultaneously. The Code represents standards of good practice which are presented in the form of recommendations and guidance for the building services industry. Interlocks b d Panel C7. Tuning should provide stable operation over the complete operational range of the building services plant.

Check that an alarm condition results in the automatic display of the appropriate graphic and alarm status if specified.

The same considerations are applicable for pipework systems. Check for location and labelling of switches and indicators including colour. Commissioning therefore has the capacity to deliver significant improvements in the performance of the business processes within a building, adding value to the building operator or owner co,missioning contributing to improved productivity and competitiveness for the building owner. Operator training requirements before and during the cigse period there may also be a requirement for post handover operator training.

Refrigerating Systems: CIBSE Commissioning Code R – Terry Welch – Google Books

Sensor calibration test-sheets should be provided demonstrating that individual calibration checks have been carried out and recording any offsets required to achieve correct sensor readings. Check the control loop for the extract fan speed schedule.

Check that the CHW valve is fully open when the supply fan is proven and the control system signals an optimum cooling start operation. Check that the pump speed steps up or down when the differential pressure varies from the desired set point by the specified amount. U Check that the BMS operator workstation displays the specified status information from the access control system.

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Any ambiguity is likely to result in contractual problems that may ultimately impact on the effectiveness of the installed control system. T h e overall impact of this on building occupation should be considered. Check that under normal operating conditions the valve is controlled in response to a PI control signal in order to obtain either the specified zone or supply air temperature set point.

The following commissioning procedures are applicable for a EMS. Note rhar under some control strategies the cooling damper may be modulated during optimum start. Check that any specified plantbuilding schematics are displayed correctly on request and that the monitored point data associated with each schematic is also correct, i.

Gateway The document that prescribes the system design and requirements for commissioning by reference to drawings, information schedules and relevant codes, manuals, guides and standards.

The achievement of satisfactory indoor environmental conditions is crucial in order to provide a healthy and comfortable working environment. If battery-backed actuators are used check that a battery is installed and the appropriate links are fitted. Take account of the active and inactive sections of a sensor probe. Figure C 2 1 Reaction curve A. Users will need to ensure that the use of the Code is considered when contractual arrangements are being made, to ensure that the recommendations of the Code are not in conflict with those of the contract.

Check that the location s of the differential pressure transmitter s is satisfactory to provide correct control. It is important that these measurements are taken at a sufficient distance from flow obstructions and changes in duct orientation, in order to avoid turbulent flow conditions that will adversely affect the readings. Maximising off-site pre-commissioning activities.

T h e commissioning manager should ensure that the following have been completed. The initial checking of control logic is much easier in an office environment. Check that the control strategy is still appropriate for the intended use, i.

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Check for the following: Test equipment Table C 3 3 Temperature A. Where metering is restricted to the measurement o the total utility consumption, f estimates will have to be made of utility consumption resulting from building services plant.

Involvement in any complete system and subsystem performance testing. The approach to phased completion will depend on the nature of the system and whether the control system is to be used in the commissioning of building services plant.

CIBSE Commissioning Codes

Calculate the time lag T Jt h e time constant T, and the final change in the controlled variable. Arrangements for commixsioning of delays. The above procedures should be performed along with the following: Select an equal percentage valve characteristic unless there is good reason to select an alternative.

Commissioing date, most instances of integration have involved the use of gateways. Ensure that dampers are sized correctly to give adequate authority it is poor practice to choose the size of a modulating damper based on the duct size. Adoption of thorough commissioning procedures.

Integration with fire detection systems Building services plant and control system must be inherently commissionable. Obtain copies of the latest design specification and drawings.

Table 2 Off-site pre-commissioningtasks Pre-commissioningaction Control commissionig software User interface software Control panels Wiring Communicationbus Sensors Actuators Integration gateways Pre-commissioningoff-site Yes final commissioningon-site Yes final commissioning on-site Yes final commissioningon-site No No No No Partial interlocks Check that in principle all interlocks are configured correctly.

Note that commissioning requirements may vary fommissioning on the design and control of specific items of plant. Fan assisted VAV terminal unit The same checks apply as for section 7.