Convivir con el trastorno bipolar. Front Cover. Eduard Vieta i Pascual, Vieta, Francesc Colom, Francesc Colom i Victoriano. Médica Panamericana, : Convivir Con El Trastorno Bipolar/ Coexisting With Bipolar by Eduard Vieta Pascual; Francesc Colom I Victoriano and a great selection of. Convivir con el Trastorno Bipolar. VIETA PASCUAL, Eduard / COLOM VICTORIANO, Francesc. Published by Panamericana, Madrid (). Used. Softcover.

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Mal cumplimiento en los trastornos bipolares. Risk factors for suicide in schizophrenia: Individual trajectories of trqstorno performance in first episode psychosis: An international multisite study.

Glucose abnormalities in bipolar disorder. Internet-based psychological interventions for bipolar disorder: Spanish consensus on the risks and detection of antipsychotic drug-related hyperprolactinaemia.

Clinical features, impulsivity, temperament and functioning and their role in suicidality in patients with bipolar disorder. Phenomenology of manic episodes according to the presence or absence of depressive features as defined in DSM Evaluation of machine learning algorithms and structural features for optimal MRI-based diagnostic prediction in psychosis.

Residual symptoms and specific functional impairments in euthymic patients with bipolar disorder. Areas of controversy in neuroprogression in bipolar disorder. Influence of birth cohort on age of onset cluster analysis in bipolar I disorder. Faster onset of antimanic action with haloperidol compared to second-generation antipsychotics. Family functioning in bipolar disorder: The prognostic role of perceived criticism, medication adherence and family knowledge in bipolar disorders.


Novededades en el tratamiento del Trastorno bipolar.

: Francesc Colom: Books

Functional remediation for bipolar disorder. Clinical implications of predominant polarity and the polarity index in bipolar disorder: Las fases tempranas del trastorno bipolar: Functional remediation in bipolar disorder: Towards a clinical staging for bipolar disorder: Efficacy of functional remediation in bipolar disorder: Assessment and management of agitation in psychiatry: Validity and reliability of the cognitive complaints in bipolar disorder rating assessment COBRA in Japanese patients with bipolar disorder.

The psychosocial difficulties in brain disorders that explain short term changes in health outcomes. Mixed states in DSM Cognitive Remediation Interventions in Schizoaffective Disorder: Spanish consensus on the risks and detection of antipsychotic drug-related hyperprolactinaemia.

Extended release quetiapine fumarate as adjunct to antidepressant therapy in patients with major depressive disorder: Evidence of neuropsychological disturbances. Self-monitoring and psychoeducation in bipolar patients with a smart-phone application SIMPLe project: Association with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Treatment guidelines for bipolar disorder: The impact of the number of episodes on the outcome of Bipolar Disorder. Review of the present and insights into the future.

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Cognitive variability in cnvivir II disorder: Factors associated bipolarr poor functional outcome in bipolar disorder: Neuropsychological and neuroimaging underpinnings of schizoaffective disorder: Brain functional changes across the different phases of bipolar disorder. Effectivenessoflong-termvortioxetine treatmentofpatientswithmajor depressive disorder. Depressive Disorders and Suicide: Brief cognitive assessment instruments in schizophrenia and bipolar patients, and healthy control subjects: Stratified medicine for mental disorders.


The course of negative symptoms in first-episode schizophrenia and its predictors: Midline brain abnormalities across psychotic and mood disorders.

A systematic review and meta-analysis. Effects of functional remediation on neurocognitively impaired bipolar patients: Pharmacogenetic tarstorno of antipsychotic induced acute extrapyramidal symptoms in a first episode psychosis cohort: An international multisite study.

trxstorno Defining patient subtypes based on functional outcome. Functional impairment in adult bipolar disorder with ADHD. Verbal memory as a mediator in the relationship between subthreshold depressive symptoms and functional outcome in bipolar disorder. An open-label trial in drug-free patients with bipolar disorder. A network meta-analysis on comparative efficacy and all-cause discontinuation of antimanic treatments in acute bipolar mania.

Atypical antipsychotics in bipolar depression: Esquizofrenia depresion trastorno bipolar.