Phone, Suggest a phone number Dars e Masnavi by Pir Alauddin Siddiqui Sb, Noor TV. 65 likes. TV. Khilafat e Usmania. Writer. Noor Tv Uk. Broadcasting. Radio Ekhwan Naqsyaband Dars-e-Masnavi ~ Introduction to Mawlana Rumi | Shaykh ul Aalam Khwaja Pir Alauddin Siddiqui. Follow. Facebook ยท Twitter. Dars-e-Masnavi by Hazoor Shykhul Alam Hazrat Pir Muhammad Alauddin Siddiqui (RA) are collection of videos from the Masnavi of Moulama.

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Thus, Rumi began creating a work in the didactic style of Sana’i and ‘Attar to complement his other poetry. He began dictating the first book around the age of cars around the year and continued composing verses until his death in Views Read Edit View history.

Stories are told to illustrate a point and each moral is discussed in detail. Yaad-e-Elahi Karney Walon ka Maqam-: Muajzat e Rasool SAW -: Works by Rumi Persian poems.

The Masnavi has no framed plot and includes a variety of scenes, from popular stories and scenes of mmasnavi local bazaar to fables and tales from Rumi’s time. Seerat-e-Insaani ka Masakh hona: Aalam-e-Aakhrat ki Dayimi Zindagi-: Na-Farman Qomon per Azab-e-Elahi-: Allah ki Bargah mein Muttaqiyun ka Maqam: It is one of the best known and most influential works of Sufism.

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Dars-e-Masnavi – 3rd March 2017

The title Masnavi-i Ma’navi Persian: It also includes quotations from the Qur’an and from hadith accounts from the time of Mohammed. Quran Sunnah Hadith Tafsir Seerah.

It explains the various dimensions of spiritual life and practice to Sufi disciples and anyone who wishes to ponder the meaning of life. In contrast to Rumi’s Diwan, the Masnavi is a relatively “sober” text.

Dars-e-Masnavi by Pir Muhammad Alauddin Siddiqui (RA)

State University of New York, Ambiya e Kiram sey Manazrah-: Nafs-e-Ammara ki Islah kis Tarah-: Allah ki Taraf sey Zindagi mein Khush: The sixth and final book would remain incomplete. Although there is no constant frame, style, or plot, Rumi generally follows a certain writing pattern that flows in the following order: Baatni Seerat Sawarney ka Nuskha-: Wikisource has mawnavi text related to this article: Naar-e-Shahwat ko Masnzvi Karney ka Tareeqa: Some scholars suggest that in addition to the incomplete Book 6, there might have been a seventh volume.

The Masnavi is a poetic collection of anecdotes and stories derived from the Quranhadith sources, and everyday tales. Rumi The Masnavi Book One. Hazrat Suleiman AS ki Angothi: Aehl-e-Toheed kon Log hain-: Each book consists of about 4, verses and contains its own prose introduction and prologue. This article is about the Sufi poem by Rumi. Yad e Elahi mein Roney ka Maqam-: This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Dars-e-Masnavi – 28th July – video dailymotion

Peer aur Murshid ki Tareef-: The six books of the Masnavi can be divided into three groups of two because each pair is linked by a common theme: Dua ki Qubuliyat ke Asbab aur Aqsam-: Jazb-e-Heeqarat Azab-e-Elahi ka Sabab: Mashooq e Haqiqi kon Hai: The Sufi Path of Love: For the type of poem, see Masnavi poetic form. Jo Allah ka Ho rahey Allah uska Hai-: Ambiya e Kiram ke liye Tableegh e Deen: Schools Sunni Ash’ari Maturidi Traditionalism.

Nafs-o-Shetaan ke Wasawis se Bachao-: Dars e Masnavi http: In addition to the reoccurring themes presented in each book, Rumi includes multiple points of view or voices inviting the reader to fall into “imaginative enchantment.

The Masnavior Masnavi-i Ma’navi Persian: Eik Sarangi Bajaney waley ka Qissa-: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.