This unwieldy thriller from bestseller Morrell (First Blood) becomes so caught up in its headlong action that it never stops to explore the. Creepers is a horror novel by Canadian writer David Morrell. This is Morrell’s twenty-fourth novel. Plot summary[edit]. This section’s plot summary may be. Scavenger, it’s called, and the sought-after prize has been hidden away by a nutcase who sees unmistakable resemblances between himself.

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In the meantime, Amanda and her playmates are counting the ways Scavenger has been designed to sow civil discord.

David Morrell’s characteristic wonderful writing is absent in this book, and seems as though he took a bare-bones plot and tried to patch it up with hundreds of I made it to page of of Scavenger before making the executive decision to shut this one down. If you can accept the plot points Morrell tosses at you without examining them too closely, the story is a fun read.

I don’t agree with those comparisons. Well I wasn’t very impressed with that but I was more than ready to give this a go. Frank did mirrell a bit more personality in this book, but I wouldn’t call it an improvement. It is the art of convenience.


Published March 13th by Vanguard Press first published It brings something that other books of the same ilk don’t have. This article needs additional citations for verification. Eventually they find Danata’s suite. Somehow no alert goes out and he apparently walks away clean. It’s especially boring when the character doesn’t change as a result of these experiences. It started to fall down for me when I couldn’t follow what was going on during the escape from the theatre.

A virtual reality game played in real time w death and destruction as the main characters. Do yourselves a favor and just read it, all right? Jun 26, Scott Breslove rated it really liked it. The five soon break into the Paragon through an underground scavneger system which leads them to the pool area.


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Scavenger by David Morrell summary by Haley Schwab on Prezi

Frank occasionally reflects on the general horror of the Paragon Hotel, but not on the parts with Amanda, and Amanda does not seem to even remember them. There’s a lot of stuff going on which I loved. Amanda is taken to a remote location and placed with a group of others whom the “Game Master” a troubled [read mad or insane] young man has “determined to be survivors.

Geocaching is also talked about in the novel and is something I have heard about but really knew little By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It was boring to me. The object of the game is to find a year old time capsule called the Sepulcher of World Desires at an old deserted mining town in Wyoming.

Pretty good two -book series. New readers will want to seek out his older work first.

Scavenger (Frank Balenger, #2) by David Morrell

View Full Version of PW. Great adventure story with ugly truth! Vinnie and Balenger set the wounded Professor on a couch in the room and set off to find the Vault. It was supposed to pull me in, I was supposed to care about them, but it just left me The group has scavwnger bathroom break by urinating into waterbottles they refuse to leave any evidence of dzvid presence behindwhen something moves in the dark distance and Balenger takes out a handgun, though this is unnoticed by any of the others.

The story kept moving.

When the man revives, the girl has been kidnapped and he is left with a note asking if he would like to play a game where have we heard that one before? Scavenger was not what I expected, the book is completely different in tone and subject matter to Creepers, essentially you have two of the central characters from Creepers finding themselves drugged and competing in a strange “game” to find a hidden cache.


His action sequences are vivid and his pacing is perfect. The object of the game is to find a year old time capsule ca This is a sequel to Morrell’s Creepers which I have a copy of but haven’t read yet.

Instead, we only get a brief summary of these events, and the two fail to prove themselves to be compatible beyond their shared trauma, which isn’t really even acknowledged by either of them.

There have been quarrels—savage and bloody—deeply relished by the ever-watchful GM. Kept my attention until the end though – lots of twists and turns. She begins to cry, but is suddenly shot from under the floor. Lots of action ensues as the players try to solve the puzzle using clues left by the Game Master while trying to avoid the perils involved including one of the other players. Morrell writes as if he scavennger the first to discover these concepts and trying to share with the reader what most people already know.

If they don’t obey the rules, the Master can remotely destroy each player. Ronnie once again appears. If you’re looking for character development, put this book down and never think of it again. The villain here is fairly standard and although many of the twists and turns were enjoyable, too many elements seemed convoluted and coincidental, forcing the reader to buy into some extremely implausible scenarios.

Balenger is already somewhat under suspicion for Amanda’s disappearance. I got hungr I thought I’d just settle into this book. Maybe I was younger then.

That’s pretty typical of what I’ve seen from Morrell though; his characters are believable in that they mostly react and speak like ordinary people, but have very little depth.