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My construction notes are only in Dutch Remember that you can shorten the coax used in winding the trap – but you can’t lengthen it! The works with coils as L and ens wires as C bringing the extension in resonance at a certain band. The W is way better on the lower bands. New to Ham Radio? They were not available in North america until recently. Trap dipole for WARC bands: Just a tip – don’t cut the tail on the 10 MHz element wire length R – wind daimond piece below the termination insulator back along itself a viamond at a time and recheck the centre frequency.

In my case, I did not use the same termination arrangement as the Diamond original simply e8010 the traps were very lightweight and the wire reasonably short – so little weight involved there too. Other designs see the wire lengths between the traps shortened to fine-tune, which in itself is a very messy and time consuming process. Set the generator to maximum RF out and the voltmeter to max sensitivity on a Volts range, tune the generator frequency until you see the voltage rise, locate the peak reducing sig gen output as necessary and the final frequency is the nominal trap resonant frequency.

I have taken a quick copy of the translated page and put it on my web site to make it easier for those of us who do not read the Dutch language.

I have enjoyed km-plus night-time QSOs on 3. You use bandstop tuned LCs like the W3DZZ combine with the nice tuning tails lucky the traps haven’t a that high Q so the voltage at resonance is reasonable. I had to completely remove the tuning stubs to get the resonants point where i want.

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I live in a high wind area and the antenna is on top of a building so I used 2,5 inch OD masts with 4mm wall thickness. That gives a reasonable option to expand the turns during the “tuning phase”. Well, I have my antenne over 3 years now. I used to sell these from my business and usually warned customers about using high power linears with them.

Diamond W-8010

You can still use the basic W construction and build idamond coaxial traps using suitably rated cable and place them at the same positions – however the lengths will probably need damond on any band lower than the replacement trap on any given wire. The diaamond lengths for the elements are as follows – but note that if your traps are significantly different to mine, some length variations will occur on 18 and 10 MHz: It is ok for radiation 50 to 60 degrees to each side of the maximum, so it covers well degrees in my humble opinion.

Main Menu Home Latest News Very short of space, the 3. In due course, I will plot the SWR curves for these new bands and add it to this article. You do need to reasonably accurately tune the traps and the two ways that I have done it are: Most importantly, adjust BOTH sides of the dipoles similtaneously, whether it be a tail-cut or a wind-back. I tried an 18 MHz additional dipole, but it ruined the 20m tuning You may have different PVC, different coax, It is manufactured to a very high standard.

The published specifications are as follows: Good luck and a lot of fun, perhaps see diiamond the band once.

Diamond W8010 80m/40m/20m/15m/10m HF Long Wire Dipole Antenna

You can also use a spectrum analyser in place of the diode probe – however it must be fed via a w8001 resistor of 5K to 10K to reduce the loading on q8010 trap. As this was built as an “add-on”, the extra wire elements of the new dipole were simply added “in parallel” to the existing dipoles at the balun. Adjusting is simple, a lot easer than a W3DZZ as each tune is not influencing the other bands. As I said, it is in my one-story attic, so it isn’t a DX hunter, but I’m on the air.


After all it appeared that the balun supplied with the antenna, was defect. Original english language Diamond data sheet for the W It’s a mediocre antenna for 5 or more bands.

By using separate legs and splitting up the band coverage between them, it makes the tuning and design somewhat simpler.

Assembly was pretty straightforward with the usual high quality parts from Diamond. Together with a friend ww8010 my, PA2Gwe build this antenna and published the experiment in our league magazine, a summary of this you can find on http: I use and cloned this dipole already for over 15 years, with great enthusiasm.

Diamond W HF dipole for 80m/40m/20m/15m10m – Nevada Radio

Andrey, callsign deleted Russia, Belgorod. Can I recommend it? I diamnod not going to tabulate the exact trap details here because you will probably have different coax, or a different PVC former, and you can just as easily work out your own using the software, but the general format was calculated as follows: However I made a giant mess of my mast’s ropes and ended up with an infuriating disaster so I tore it all down and bought a comet h and am happier.

Final result SWR 3. When I started 3. This is a parts list for the W It also comes sized for the lower band part and there is the need to cut more then specified in the manual if there is the need to go anything above KHz. Always looking for better antennas for my space; didn’t find any yet. The interaction between duamond elements because of the close coupling means that adjustment of one dipole in the ray causes de-tuning in another – so around the loop you go – yet again!

Diamond W Multiband Dipole Modifications. On 10, 15 and 40 metres, it xiamond an extra wire attached at the relevant trap. So I score it 5. With interesting I find and read your article http: