Read Duas about for istikhara,Rabbana Duas from Quran, Hajj Duas, Islamic Supplications with Arabic text and translations. You can find and learn Duas for. DUA’A 5: It is reported that Imam Sahib al Zaman has advised the believers to seek istikhara as under: (i) keep in mind the task with the intention of doing it. The description of Salaat al-Istikhaarah (Istikhara Prayers) was reported by Jaabir ibn Abd-Allah al-Salami (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: “The.

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I woke up one morning with the words on my lips It should be mentioned that there is also no dream or specific timing involved to perform this prayer. But, if in Your knowledge this matter is bad for my faith, for my livelihood, and for the consequences of my affairs, then turn it away from me, and turn me away from it and ordain for me the good wherever it be, and cause me to be pleased therewith. Like other duas, it is recommended that one face the qibla.

He prays it for all matters, even things one would not imagine doing istikhara for. Then he should say: Insha Allah, you will come to know of the advantage or disadvantage of that matter. Wa ta’lamu wala a’alamu wa anta allaamul ghuyub. Surely, You are Capable and I am not. And if You know that this matter is bad for me in my religion and in my life and for my welfare in the life to come, – [or say: The popularity of vaping or smoking of e-cigarettes is rapidly increasing in South Africa, with vape stores appearing in malls and restaurants, making it easy for the youth to have access.

When we are late in After having placed one’s trust in Allah SWT, simply follow one’s feelings after performing it. The istikhara prayer is a very simple prayer of seeking guidance.


This prayer is usually made when making a decision to marry someone, or working out which university to attend, and so on.

Allaahumma ‘innee ‘astakheeruka bi’ilmika, wa ‘astaqdiruka biqudratika, wa ‘as’aluka min fadhtikal-‘Adheemi, fa’innaka taqdiru wa laa ‘aqdiru, wa ta’lamu, wa laa ‘a’lamu, wa ‘Anta ‘Allaamul-Ghuyoobi, Allaahumma ‘in kunta ta’lamu ‘anna haathal-‘amra-[then mention the thing to be decided] Khayrun lee fee deenee wa ma’aashee wa ‘aaqibati ‘amree – [or say] ‘Aajilihi wa ‘aajilihi – Faqdurhu lee wa yassirhu lee thumma baarik lee feehi, wa ‘in kunta ta’lamu ‘anna haathal-‘amra sharrun lee fee deenee wa ma’aashee wa ‘aaqibati ‘amree – [or say] ‘Aajilihi wa ‘aajilihi – Fasrifhu ‘annee wasrifnee ‘anhu waqdur liyal-khayra haythu kaana thumma ‘ardhinee bihi.

Sincerity in seeking Allah’s choice means that one should completely leave what he himself had desired or determined. Allah knows what is best for you, and if you are not sure about a choice that you have, seek His guidance.

Search for a City or Zip to set your location. Listen to a detailed Audio Lecture on the Sunnah of Istikhaara.

Sunnah Method and Dua of Istikhara

And I have tried to make them understand. Vaping – Getting your Head out of the Cloud. Detailed Dua of Istikhara At this point you will bring to mind the matter for which you are making istikharah. Comment Name Email Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

I really appreciated to have a such sites,where we can access the knowledge of Deen …. Others, including Shaykh Ibn al-Arabi, recommended performing a general istikhara prayer for all that is good every day, ideally at the time of the Duha prayer after sunrise. The Importance of Praying in Congregation.

Simply, seek Allah Ta’ala ‘s guidance. The industry is definitely targeting our youth by introducing flavours that grab their fancyYour teen could be Allahumma in kunta ta’lamu anna [hadhal-amr] khayrun li fi deeni wa-ma’ashi wa-aqibat amri, fa’qdruhli wa-yasirh li thumma barik li feehi.

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Begin reciting “Subhanaka” After you say: Subscribe to our Newsletter here. If one does not get the opportunity to perform Salaatul Istikhaarah and needs to make Istikhaarah urgently, then reciting the dua of Istikhaarah only will suffice.

Duas For Istikhara

Surely, You are Capable and I am not. For surely You have power, I have none. This can be continued for up to seven days. Wa in-kunta ta’lamu anna [hadhal amr] sharrun li fi deeniy wa-ma’ashi was-‘aqibat amri. Thanks for reaching out.

Should you attend this graduate school? Allah alone knows what is best for us, and there may be good in what we perceive as bad, and bad in what we perceive as good.

How to do (perform) Istikhara with dua. Arabic Text with Urdu and English Explaination – Istakhara

For indeed You have power, and I am powerless; You have knowledge and I know not; You are the Knower of the unseen realms. For surely You have Power; I have none.

Teens today are more reluctant to soua cigarettes than their counterparts nearly three decades ago. If in Your Knowledge [this matter] be good for my faith Deenfor my livelihood, and for the consequences of my affairs, then ordain it for me, and make it easy for me, and bless me therein.

Should you take this job offer or that one? How to perform salat al istikhara Salat-l-Istikhara is described in the Hadith narration below.

It is ixtikhara necessary that one sees a dream or hears a voice. When you are undecided with regards to any matter, then seek counsel from your Rabb and do this seven times.