The latest incarnation of Drumagog allows you to augment a real acoustic removing the need for further manual adjustment, even where samples have not . 2 user reviews on Wavemachine Labs Drumagog 4. The manual for the software is pretty helpful, but I didn’t need it all that much while. All user reviews for the Wavemachine Labs Drumagog 5 the morph engine is awesome but when it comes to manual changing things they way you want them .

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The basic version only allows 5 drummagog replaced eg snare live mix, installation on the edge of the snare track and sending the recorded signal in the midi sampler drummagog 5. File Browser The included Gog samples are easily accessible using this new window. The plug-in did take a little while to get used to as there is a lot that you can do with the software, but the interface is pretty user friendly and after playing around with it for a little while I was able to do everything that I wanted with it.

The updated Drumagog manual is laid out clearly, and after checking out the New User Tutorial, I was up and running in a flash. I thought muting a sample would result in silence whenever drumagog “decided” to play that particular sample.

There is no doubt that the morph engine is awesome but when it comes to manual changing things they way you want them to sound can get a little difficulty and it will take some time to actually do it.

One thing that is different from the other versions of Drumagog is that the morph engine is great; you can change the sound of everything really fast.

All user reviews for the Wavemachine Labs Drumagog 5

Our members also liked: I addition to a mix 4 times dj cpu load for toms, kick and snare and I have not felt the difference, the bar does not appear to increase cpu Inserting Drumagog on a track, choosing a drum sample, drumagoy dialing in your trigger settings is all it takes to start tweaking your sound.


Should I ask them here? I’ve only been using Drumagog for a few months now but I feel as though I’ve been using it forever. Sort by most recent most useful. Just with the push of a button you will have a completely different sound. The drumwgog is done via the settings very intuitive that captures your drummer play with drukagog precision and especially keeping the human side.

I suggest a free program called iFunBox. I have not had another software like this one though so I will continue to use it and upgrade it whenever 44 newer version comes out. Is there a way to pick which samples in a gog file are able to trigger? In any case, this app will be a pice of my mistress “park plug in” If you use the stereo version of the plugin, it processes both L and R channels, but if you use the mono version, it will only process the mono input.

Drumagog Auria version additional info sources? Not only do they provide samples of other acoustic manua, but you can provide electric and processed drum sounds as well.

This strengthens the drum mix, make very large dynamic on the kick and snare, tom have much impact with, or even replace the complete unit in the mix of the battery, just awesome everything becomes flexible. But the pro version 5 Drummagog allows installation on the track after example of the snare analogically recorded sorry but I will always take this example to write a midi track of it and then assign it to the any sampler midi BFD 2 and allow the advantage of great snare sounds very natural twelve o’clock.

Drumagog (Auria version) additional info sources? – Auria Discussion Board

Will be used according to our Privacy Policy. I recall having sample running on a variety of drums at a time without any problems at all. In other words, if a gog file contains 10 samples, can I set it so that only 6 of them get triggered, because the other four don’t really sound right with certain material?

It allows you to access the entire iPad’s file system to copy files back and forth. For general questions or discussion of Auria. Welcome to the forum! Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.


Are there some specific questions you had? I’ve just focused on reading the Auria manual and also the DrumAGog manual and figuring out which parts are relevant to Auria version and which ones are not. I think they price is a little too much unless they juice up the kanual library and let you manually choose from a ton of effects. Soloing a sample or a number of samples will mean Drumagog will only pick those. While this largely depends on the type of system that you are running, I imagine that most users will be able to run this software effectively if they have a decent enough configuration.

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The manual for the software is pretty helpful, but I didn’t need it all that much while playing around with it as the typical functions are easy to find. It comes with right around 4 GB of sample library to use and allows you to trigger your samples quickly and swap them out fast. While I have an issue with this when it comes to recording certain types of music, I’d certainly say sounds like this are necessary when recording certain kinds of electronic-based rock music.

Request a new review. So all I have to do is load them u in Drumagog and it will give you a whole new snare really fast.

All user reviews for the Wavemachine Labs Drumagog 4

As bad as parts of my drummer’s kit sound, I wish I’d known about drumagog years ago. Request a new review.

Opening up Kontakt right inside of it is quick manuual easy and put all of my favorite sounds right at my finger tips inside Drumagog 5. While it might take a little while to load, it’s never more than 5 seconds or so. No registered users and 1 guest. This is a process that used to take manhal for an engineer to do just to finish one song.

I can’t find the answers I need. Wavemachine Labs Drumagog 5.