Buy Encyclopaedia Arcane: Necromancy – Beyond the Grave by Matthew Sprange, Anne Stokes (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday. Encyclopaedia Arcane: Necromancy is presented under the Open Game and D20 Licences. See page 62 for there is indeed life, of a sort, beyond the grave. Necromancy: Beyond the Grave is the second book in Mongoose Publishing’s Encyclopaedia Arcane series. Unlike the Slayer’s Guides, this particular line is.

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Interestingly, and somewhat controversially, the Death Knight has lost his 20 HD fireball. Yet this is probably a good thing.

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Necromancy Beyond the Grave

Jorge Richard marked it as to-read Aug 30, However, the book is full of creativity within the confines of its subject matter and I can definitely use some of its ideas such as the negative energy side effects, and the Undead in the Minions of Undeath section. We then move on to the spells section.

The necrophage can graft body parts from dead creatures onto himself or others. The book uses another method to expand on the options available to necromancers: A GM would be well advised to reduce these costs, make judicious use of the power component rules in the DMG which could provide the dingus for a campaignor both. This book is tightly packed with information to expand the role and power of the necromancer in a campaign setting.

The next section, Lichdom 3 pagesdetails the process of becoming a lich.

It sets forth the game world encyclopaeia that is both a conceptual exploration of the game concept of the art of necromancy and a basic idea from which other parts of the book will draw. The Dark Road if introduced without a heaping spoonful of GM restraint. Gleb marked it as to-read Nov 18, Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, The interior of the book is black and white.

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Encyclopaedia Arcane: Necromancy Beyond the Grave by Matthew Sprange

The next section is entitled Lichdomand adds new details on how to handle this most ghastly of a necromancer’s aspirations. With their total predictability and uninteresting prerequisites spells start to feel bryond every day gadgets, not mysterious and grabe energies they largely are in most of the fantasy fiction, not to mention mythology.

The Minions of Undeath section introduces a number encyc,opaedia new undead creatures. It’s a 64 page book with a full colour cover and back and white interior art. Furthermore, such much needed high level necromantic practices as raising an undead hulk of a ship and making an old deserted city into a necropolis of living dead are all covered, filling many holes in d20 corpus of rules.

A Deeper Look Necromancy: Undead you create automatically have turn resistance of half of the character’s level.

Necromancy: Beyond the Grave

These are the sorts of high-level spells that you would expect tbe be in the arsenal of a master necromancer. It seems to me, however, that the graft system should have been a little more explicitly limited: That monumental price hike was less than a dollar!

This is one problem that I have with this book – it’s not a major issue, but the feats follow on encyclpoaedia from the side-effects with no break distinguishing the two sections. We’re not talking second-mortgage prices here. Very useful overall, especially when it comes to those long-time players who know the Monster Manual inside and out.


Kel Lana marked it as to-read Jun 01, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Unlike the old death knight, there are no references to involvement with infernal lords. Unlike Demonology, Necromancy suffers a little from too much rules-orientated information for my tastes. Digging out the graves of dead Clerics and Paladins to obtain material components does tend to give a distinct flavor to what would otherwise be a rather bland 1st level protection from undead spell.

Other than the first graave these, I can’t see grqve being used by PCs at least not in my game!

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Necromancy – Beyond the Grave

Each of these only allows the necromancer to animate one corpse at a time, and if that corpse is destroyed it cannot be animated again. One skilled in wizardry or sorcery may use this tome, for good or ill, and tap the powers inherent beyond death for their own direct benefit.

The next 10 page section, To Pass Beyond The Grave, deals with the Spectral Loremaster researches forbidden knowledge from spiritsThe Deathseeker uses the negative energy of dying creatures to fuel spells and the Necrophage grafts body parts onto undead, and undead body parts onto live subjects prestige classes.

It also lists the necromantic feats and prerequisites. Results 1 to 6 of 6. The spectral loremaster is a spellcaster that gains knowledge from spirits.