ERICSSON-RBS – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. The Ericsson. RBS Series Base Stations meet the challenge for reliable, wide-area. Public Safety LTE coverage. ERICSSON LTE TECHNOLOGY. The RBS is part of the RBS series of macro base station equipment designed and built by Ericsson, the world’s leading provider of LTE technology.

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The wrist strap protects boards and units from being damaged by ESD from the person working with the board or unit. For information about connections for various configurations, see Antenna and RF Connections.

TTC MOBILE RBS 6000 Series Focus on RBS 6201 and 6601

For non-earthquake zones and even floors, a base frame is not required. The DU provides switching, traffic management, timing, baseband processing, and radio DU 1—4 interfacing. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends ericssom any social system. The DU provides switching, traffic management, timing, baseband processing, and DU 1—4 radio interfacing.

Registration Forgot your password? An alarm can be generated by two alarm conditions: Not all features are supported by all RBS configurations. The RBS is a solution that can be used throughout the entire radio network where bit rate, coverage, and capacity are essential for a successful implementation.

Ericson here to sign up. Communication of all types of information, including digital data. An optical cable connects each external radio to the cabinet as shown in Figure 1.

RBS base stations offer a seamless, integrated and environmentally friendly solution and a safe, smart rns sound roadmap for whatever tomorrow holds. It extends mm behind and 50 mm in front of the inch mounting rails. Each PSU is connected with two cables three-wired.

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All connections are made directly on the units, that is, no Connection Field CF is used. The RETU enables remote tilt of the antenna system. For more information on the optional equipment, please see Section 4 on page Trademark List All trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

The intelligent power supply provides power on demand that is exactly matched to what is needed at any given moment, thus ensuring that power consumption is kept to an absolute minimum. The nodes must always be configured as primary or rrbs nodes. For earthquake zones and uneven floors, a base frame installation using four bolts is needed. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

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Under a non-destructive environmental stress beyond exceptional limits, no equipment function is guaranteed and performance may degrade in an unspecified manner. Figure 32 and Figure 33 show the optical Ethernet connection interfaces.

RBS is built with tomorrows technology and at the same provide backwards compatibility with the highly successful RBS and RBS product lines. A complete site including high-capacity multi-standard radio, transport network equipment, and battery backup fits in a footprint measuring just mm by mm.

The value represents the worst-case heat dissipation of a fully equipped RBS, taking into account optional equipment and future rba. Ericsson recommends replacing the fans every 10 years. Ericsson rbw replacing the door filter once a year. Reengineering the power supply and fully integrating it into the system were key objectives in designing the RBS series.


For longer distances between the main unit and an RRU or AIR unit, the optical connection can be extended by using extension cables or leased line. Multistandard configurations can be either single mode or mixed mode. All cables must be multi-stranded. Each node calculates its own cooling requirement; however, the primary node determines the fan speed according to the highest cooling requirement.

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The following preventive maintenance conditions must be fulfilled to guarantee the availability of the RBS: The following sections describe single mode and mixed mode configurations in more details.

The TCU is an 8U high and 31 mm wide unit.

This solution is not earthquake proof. The AC power system can control power to selected units by means of applications.

Under an exceptional environmental stress outside of normal operating limits, all units continue to function, but with reduced performance or capacity. For an RBS with an internal fuse or circuit breaker, selectivity is granted.

The recommended space is mm. The other RRU are then connected to each other. Figure 29, Figure 30, and Figure ercisson show the electrical Ethernet connection interfaces. The currently available configurations are described in RBS Configurations. For information on how the RBS cabinet fulfills earthquake requirements, see Section 3.

The unit of measurement is mm. This enables the Operator to e.