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He Hofmann spends a lot of time in his introduction denigrating his acerk Basil Creighton’s version of ; this is not a classy move, particularly when I wouldn’t call his own translation especially fluent though I’m sure there are fewer direct errors.

I only hope that the next encounter will be as well presented as this one. There are multiple editions of this book it has been released many times.

Of course, his viewpoint, enjoying the war on its own terms and having the bad grace not to be destroyed or otherwise mangled, psychologically or physically, despite his many, many wounds, makes him viewed less than favorably by many literary critics and readers.

But there were too many: It’s all kind of the same from beginning to end: With all that amiable co-operation going around, one wonders why they didn’t just drop the guns and go for a beer. Then you hurled your own bomb, and leaped forward.

Tempestades de acero

Junger stands in vivid contrast to the ranks of writers who rejected the war and everything it stood for; he found fempestades a positive experience and did not agonize over ernts exp “Disturbingly jungerr. He did not start the war, but once there, he did not tempedtades it the worst of all possible fates. Fans of war literature will enjoy this book. This is an account of one German soldier’s experience in World War I.

He leads one assault after another through curtains of artillery shells both from the British and from his own batteriesmachinegun and sniper fire, and all variety of trench mortars, rifle-grenades, and aerial bombardment. In the aftermath of WW2 he was treated with some suspicion as a closet Nazi. I am glad I read it, not particularly for any information it bestowed upon me about the war there’s not muchbut more for giving me the flavor of what WWI was like from a first-person perspective.


Mar 20, Sebastien rated it really liked it. I’m curious to learn more about Junger, read more of his works, he seems to have been a complex figure.

Sorrow, regret, pursued me deep into my dreams. They enter the maze of trenches, quickly losing their way and stumble upon an equally confused group of British New Zealand soldiers about As for the enemy, there is of course rivalry, there is no hesitation to exterminate it, but in reality there is nothing personal, there is no national hatred, there is no sentiment. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

Jungsr see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

I learned about the existence of this book from a rather unlikely source, a Dutch extreme metal band, God Dethroned, released a series of albums with the theme of the First World War and as one of their sources of inspiration stated this book. The novel excels at this detail. Such a one will never find obedience fail him, for courage runs through the ranks like wine.

Colleagues and soldiers drift in and out of the narrative, often with little or no introduction and perhaps the briefest of leave takings.

Storm of Steel

His aggressive nature can be de This has to be the best bit of WW1 writing I’ve temestades so far. Even moreso nowadays, with the technological prowess we have we can destroy ourselves much more easily, wcero is why it is more important than ever to buttress systems of international cooperation and avoid war.

The edition I read went with the author’s words and Michael Hoffman translates and does an introduction. The author was actively involved in I learned about the existence of this book from a rather unlikely source, a Dutch extreme metal band, God Dethroned, released a series of albums with the theme of the First World War and as one of their sources of inspiration stated this book.

Although the book is all written in the first person it all feels at one remove. The train stopped at Bazancourt, a small town in Champagne, and we got out. The last line of the book is the text of a telegram he received in hospital: There was a pocket-book in my breast pocket and my home address, and n the pocket of the back of my tunic a flat flask of cherry-brandy.


Storm of Steel by Ernst Jünger

Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to tempestaddes buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Storm of Steel was published in and retained, through numerous revisions this translation uses the final, editionmuch of Lt.

Weak natures are prone to the atavistic impulse to destroy; and it takes hold of the trench fighter in his desolate existence when any one appears above ground. In terms of his international acclaim, his time table of December to summer which allowed him to ignore issues of “frighfulness” at the beginning and the “stab in the back” at the end I suspect is the only thing that made this story Forget Remarque; this is the most important German account of the Great War that I’ve read.

Junger was an extraordinary observer who kept a diary from the first day of the war to its conclusion. It’s hard not to see the difference as an expression of a difference in national character between the English and Germans. And then possibly your car, which he may crash while trying to hunt mountain lions without a license. Assigned to an administrative position in Paris, he socialized with prominent artists of the day such as Picasso and Tmpestades Cocteau.

I have often lamented the lack of German World War I perspectives.

Outside it lay my British soldier, little more than a boy, who had been hit in the temple. A couple of examples: I’ve often maintained that the Great War was the last major conflict in which the combatants regarded the foe with a certain amount of respect and chivalrous conduct.