Der goldne Topf has ratings and 55 reviews. Manybooks said: From the many E.T.A. Hoffmann works of shorter fiction that we read and analysed in my. Like most of Hoffmann’s texts, Der goldne Topf is informed by its author’s E.T.A. Hoffmann, The Golden Pot and Other Tales (Oxford: Oxford University Press. E. T. A. HOFFMANN’S DER GOLDNE TOPF: ITS ROMANTIC MYTH. By Kenneth Negus. AMONG THE MANY new areas of literary art explored by German.

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What is better reality or your hallucinatory world of fantasy. With this I tkpf agree, but I do not see how this tale does that.

There, he meets Paulmann’s blue-eyed daughter, Veronika, who falls in love with him. Hoffmamn turns out to be the story of Archivist Lindhorst, who in reality is a salamander, the Elemental Spirit of Fire, who has been banished from the Land of Atlantis by Phosphorus, the Prince of Spirits, and must enter mankind’s prosaic existence on earth.

They will not enter Atlantis, but they do at least approach the world of imagination when they compose their songs and drink their intoxicating punch. To ask other readers questions about Der goldne Topfplease sign up. This duality is reflected in the duplicity of characters.

This short story was such a weird surprise. It is uoffmann oriented. Wer immer dachte, dass Klassiker langweilig sind, der wird hier in den Bildern der neu entworfenen Welt des Autoren eines Besseren belehrt. The subtitle of the novella A Modern Fairytale likely is a reflection of this.

The Golden Pot

This page was last edited on 19 Septemberat Now I have always been both enchanted with and somewhat confused by Der goldne Topfnamely because during the course of the presented narrative, the story, reality and fantasy are often so tightly and intensely intertwined that it is often not at all easy to figure out where reality ends and fantasy begins, and vice versa.

After encountering Serpentina with her crystalline voice and her magical golden pot, the clumsy hero Anselmus finds himself torn between the marvellous snake-girl and the bourgeois Dresden girl Veronika with her comforting, steaming pot of soup.

Hoffmann as more positively shining, more sparkling than mundane reality, the two are actually also never seem as total polar opposites, as enemies, but as two specific aspects, two specific and important components of what the world, what the universe means and is. The author increasingly writes himself into his story, and the finished work contains a number of autobiographical allusions and references to contemporary events and places in Dresden.

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A strange symbolic story that so fluidly moves between dream world and reality.

He receives and shares with the reader a letter from Archivist Lindhorst. Will Anselmus be able to circumvent the machinations of philistine reality mostly in the form of his friend Paulmann’s amorous daughter Veronika and make the lovely and esoterically poetic Serpentina his bride and the famous magician and alchemist Lindhorst his father-in-law, a scenario that both Lindhorst and Anselmus actually much desire, ddr the former, fopf Lindhorst, may only return from his banishment and exile from the mythical realm of Atlantis where he was a Salamander, a spirit of fire and flame if he succeeds in marrying off his three serpentine daughters to appropriate human mates, and with “appropriate” is meant poetic, spiritual, childlike and never too bourgeois.

In this novella, or fairy tale as Hoffmann calls it, the imaginary part is really very unreal and exaggerated, therefore not a lot to etx liking. I like the literature of the romantic period. In this letter of Hoffmann also sketches out his concept for The Golden Pot in some detail:. In the penultimate vigil of the novella, Veronika accepts a marriage proposal from Heerbrand, who meanwhile has become a Court Councilor.

Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Hoffmann, better known by his pen name E. Preview — Der goldne Topf by E. The word is described beautifully – though it’s sometimes a bit messy. No, she is in fact very much a dangerous and vicious enemy of Lindhorst, and her specific and very targeted magic causes Anselmus to doubt himself, to doubt Lindhorst and his daughters, finally splashing ink on one of Lindhorst’s precious manuscripts, which to and for the latter entails such a major and unforgivable faux pax that the enraged magician imprisons Anselmus in a glass bottle like the prediction of the old apple monger, although thankfully, Lindhorst soon does realise that Anselmus has been under the influence of hostile, malevolent forces beyond his control and releases him from his crystal prison after having battled and overcome his enemy, the apple witch, and turning her of all things into a large and rather misshapen beet, not only funny but delightfully mundane, lowbrow.

Der goldne Topf

I like writers who had jobs apart from writing, like Golldne or Chekhov; I find they are better writers because of that, even if this meant they had less time to write. The more he works with the manuscripts the more familiar he becomes with them, until one day he fopf a document that he can understand. Views Read Edit View history. I had these goldns above all with the explanation of why Lindhorst had been sent away from Atlantis, and with a part dedicated to the life of a witch that cursed Anselmus, the main character.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. One of them, goldnd has marvelous blue eyes, stretches herself snakes are grammatically feminine in German out towards him, and he instantly falls in love with her. He promises to marry her as soon as he becomes a Court Councilor.

I have read that E. Characters in a novel or in a tale should bind the events together. I wonder if I would have liked it more if I would have read it in my mothertongue.

Der goldne Topf by E.T.A. Hoffmann

The philistine townspeople worry that Anselmus may have gone mad as they hear hogfmann fantasize about little snakes that one else can see, while Anselmus himself is helplessly torn between the marvellous and the real world. Hoffmann considers his Der goldne Topf as being basically a contemporary fairy tale or at least, contemporary and modern for the late 18th and early 19th centuriesthe story actually begins realistically enough and in an actual and bona fide German city, in Dresden.

Then, the fantasy part. Fantastical, beautiful, gorgeously and lyrically written, wonderfully quirky and imaginative, dreamlike and funny. But maybe it’s better this way because it were even longer and more boring, haha. Ich sage nur man muss es boldne haben.

Der goldne Topf; The Golden Pot – German Literature

View all 18 comments. Hoffmann certainly shares the contempt of other romantics for the philistine, but he considers the smugness, narrow-mindedness, contentment, and banality of the bourgeoisie to be elements that must be drawn into the wondrous realm of the imagination, not something to be reviled.

Not being a native German speaker made things even more difficult. I know, it is kind of a typical trait of the era, but that fact doesn’t make it more enjoyable, does it? Then, the writing style felt a bit rushed hofmann messy – sometimes I was just like, what the hell is happening exactly? Open Preview See a Problem? Langeix has written that a “simple summary becomes entirely inadequate when goldhe attempt to interpret the intricate texture of ambivalence and ser that [ The Golden Pot ] spreads lavishly before the reader.

Retrieved from ” https: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I loved all the references to Atlantis as well.