How Life Imitates Chess is a book by former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov. Kasparov uses his experience in playing Chess successfully as an. How Life Imitates Chess, by Garry Kasparov, It’s a book on decision making (it’s not really a book about chess) from a man who’s. ‘In this book, chess is a teacher, and I aim to show it is a great one.’ Garry Kasparov. Here Grandmaster and World Chess Champion Garry.

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Ironically, by his own admission, Garry has not done well in business and politics. When something goes wrong, you naturally want to do better the next time, but you must train yourself to want to do it better even when things go right. Ralph Waldo Emerson “The strategist’s method is to challenge the prevailing assumptions with imitwtes single question: Kasparov is probably the greatest chess player of all time.

I finished this book a long time ago, however its messages remain clear in my mind. He’s forced to concede that the raw aggression which made him the best chessplayer in the world for 20 years isn’t as good in business or politics, where he’s failed to impress.

The book isn’t that, but it’s so versatile, and the book harpoons so many little nuggets of knowledge that it can certainly be used as such a tool. Your greatest strength is ,asparov ability to absorb and synthesize patterns, methods, and information. Quotes from How Life Imitates There are so many interesting and usable ideas that are sometimes only loosely related to chess imho. Garry Kasparov was the highest-rated chess player in the world for over twenty years and is widely considered the greatest player that ever lived.

The assumption is kasparob if the chews is won Teenybopper clever clogs like Garry once was, or elderly geeks with political imittes, like Garry is in danger of becoming? You need to learn a lot if you want to get a good position in the middlegame. Why pretend it is something else? He relates in a lively, original way all the fundamentals, from the nuts and bolts of strategy, evaluation, and preparation to the subtler, more human arts of developing a personal style and using memory, intuition, imagination and even fantasy.

This may sound negative and to a degree it is but when there are so many amazing books out there I would only go for this if you are a real Kasparov fan. Chess is a formalised game played by two competitive individuals, according to strict rules.


Apr 14, Pradip Caulagi rated it did not like it. He relates in a lively, original way all the fundamentals, from the nuts and bolts of strategy, evaluation, and preparation to the subtler, more human arts of developing a personal style and using memory, intuition, imagination and even fantasy.

The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri Read more. Garry was a legend in his own playtime. Whatever insight he has it must be worth listening to. Mar 30, Vineeth Kartha rated it liked it. As a chess player, the book appealed to me because I could relate to several of the ideas Kasparov explained. To that effect, Kasparov makes it a point to go into why constant self-analysis is essential not only to survive in the world, but in fact to thrive.

The only ‘flaw’ I would find is the obvious plea to the business audience Sep 29, Andrew Titus rated it really liked it.

He was more fun when he was in the pawn squad

Grab a random treat from the grary. Kasparov takes us through the great matches of his career, including legendary duels against both man Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov and machine IBM chess supercomputer Deep Blueenhancing the lessons of his many experiences with examples from politics, literature, sports and military history.

Aug 26, Jkhickel rated it liked it.

Throughout the length of the book Kasparov carries out a rather trenchant job in detailing many of the data points, or perhaps ‘life-lessons’ is a better term, which helped him grow as a chess player that became a grandmaster, but more importantly, as an individual. Even bigger than big bad Bobby Fischer. It is a muscle that can be developed only with constant proactive.

Lufe offers practical advice on how to think strategically and the dynamic relationship between calculation and intuition. Too few of the dreary buggers.

Please don’t do this to yourself again. More, Kasparov is a gruffy voice you enjoy hearing while reading: You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter. Nov 18, Pelle rated it liked it. Another notable point mentioned i,itates the book is the importance of not becoming your own enemy.

At the same time I found out garryy Garry holds some of the same beliefs as I do, which gave me confidence to voice them louder next time, however unorthodox they might be especially on topics such as talent, imagination and intuition. Here, he’s sacrificed quality and time in the interests of picking up some material profits – I suppose this book reached a wider public than the very technical Great Predecessorsand hopefully it made him a few dollars.


This book has a lot of chess history and for those who are interested in the game there may be some exciting moments.

How Life Imitates Chess: Making the Right Moves, from the Board to the Boardroom

On having a double-edged, sharp vision of life. For example, Kasparov provides an example of exchanging material for time on the chess board. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The book is divided into 19 chapters and the narrative roughly follows three streams; his chess career, life philosophy in general, iitates historical events such as wars or politics.

This is garrj of human nature and Kasparov claims that even with success, one must evaluate mistakes to improve decision making in the future. He wants to imktates you how the skills you pick up from top-level chess can translate into understanding of life in general, and his opening case study, organised around his first World Championship match against Kaasparov, is inspiring.

Filled with much erudition regarding the intricacies of life, How Life Imitates Chess sifts through Kasparov’s career in search for the gems of wisdom[syn] that not only helped him become a sharper, stronger, and more intuitive individual, but also dives into the importance of quality actions via precise decision making which undoubtedly help individuals rise to meet challenges as they go.

It wasn’t until he found himself down that he realised his straightforward attacking strategy wasn’t appropriate.

Book Review – “How Life Imitates Chess” by Garry Kasparov (/10) | Shinobu’s Secrets

Aug 21, Silvio rated it liked it Shelves: As when you are playing against a machine, this is a viable strategy. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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