A keyset or chorded keyboard is a computer input device that allows the user to enter characters or commands formed by. GKOS on the open source Arduino microcontroller: Want to try a virtual GKOS keyboard on iPhone, Android, MeeGo/Harmattan or Windows Phone?. Edit Site. edit this panel ยท edit top menu. How to type on a GKOS keyboard. You can try GKOS typing here:

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How to join this site? Microwriting is the system of chord keying and is based on a set of mnemonics.

Chorded keyboard

In Engelbart’s original mapping, he used five keys: Another early commercial model was the six-button Microwriterdesigned by Cy Endfield and Chris Rainey, and first sold in After a small amount of practice, keybard typing speed exceeds that of the GSM number pad method multi-tap.

It is available via the Apple app store.

keyhoard It definitely has a learning curve but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad app. The SiWriter is an app for the iPad and iPhone which uses a close variant of the microwriter chording system developed by Cy Enfield. The large number of combinations available from a small number of keys allows text or commands to be entered with one hand, leaving the other hand free.

keuboard The first widespread use of a chord keyboard was in the stenotype machine used by court reporters, which was invented in and is still in use. It is quite easy to reach a typing speed of characters per minute 20 wpm 3.

Macro keys, and multiple modes are also easily implemented with a user space driver. There is an Android keyboard application ComboKey Plus enabling e.


It is your responsibilty to use this App only in a safe way and to NOT put anyone at risk! For now, please check http: Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

With the 9 main keys, operated by the index, middle, and ring fingers2 prefix keys and one delete key, the EkaPad can produce all the inputs of a standard qwerty keyboard with one, two, and a few three finger chords.

GKOS Keyboard |

Retrieved 11 April Braille comes closest, as it has been extended to eight bits. Chording keyboards are also used as portable but two handed input devices for the visually impaired either combined with a refreshable braille display or vocal synthesis.

Practical devices generally use simpler chords for common characters e. A video game controller called the X-SKIN, using this system, was expected to be commercially available by [citation needed] to help make Morphs popular on console systems and ease entry of common data such as a username and password, but the USB device was never made commercially available. EkaPad uses 66 of these accessible chords.

A one button version of the mouse was incorporated into the Apple Macintosh but Steve Jobs decided against incorporating the chorded keyset. Inthe five-bit Baudot telegraph code and a matching 5-key chord keyboard was designed to be used with the operator forming the codes manually. An example of this is an email address or address block can be typed by pressing just one chord.

The earliest known chord keyboard was part of the “five-needle” telegraph operator station, designed by Wheatstone and Cooke inin which any two of the five needles could point left or right to indicate letters on a grid.


By pressing two or more keys together the user can generate many combinations. Chris Rainey, the co-inventor of Microwriter, re-introduced Microwriting for PC and Palm PDAs with a standalone miniature chording keyboard called CyKey [24] which caters to both left and right-handed users, being 9-keys.

It is a wireless one-handed chord keyboard that places two keys under each finger in order to utilize one hand for typing. In addition, the EkaPad can store text strings and keyboard shortcuts. Multiambic keyers are similar to chording keyboards but without the board, in that the keys are grouped in a cluster for being handheld, rather than for sitting on a flat surface. The novice can turn on the camera to look “through” the iPhone. Each key is mapped to a number and then can be mapped to a corresponding letter or command.

Useful information on how to implement Chord and Chordon detection See Annex 3 and 4: Touch screen chordic keyboards are available to smartphone users as an optional way of entering text.

As with every conventional phone, it is possible to write a text message or email without looking on the screen. Append content without editing the whole page source. As the number of keys is low the button areas can be made bigger and easier to hit on the small screen. Something does not work as expected? The IN10DID chording system can be applied in single hand configurations, two handed or with one key at a time if desired.