Gurps – Psi – Tech – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Where GURPS Psionic Powers brought you powers of the mind, GURPS Psis. Where GURPS Psionic Powers brought you powers of the mind, GURPS Psis presented the people who wield them, and GURPS Psionic Campaigns showed . For a campaign focusing on this sort of action I would suggest GURPS Psionic Powers, GURPS Psionic Campaigns, GURPS Psi-Tech, and.

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The local Robot Girl runs partially on magic, and there’s an entire Magic Internet that can be accessed by magic books or computers complete with program, hacking, psi-tecu virus spells.

Magitek – TV Tropes

Surf our site for the files you want. However, you’ve got to keep your hand on the inscription pad while doing it. Rowling ‘s Harry Potter franchise. Breath of Fire III has chrysm energy, which parallels both fossil fuel psk-tech magic. Get Known if you don’t have an account.

It became doomed shortly after Netheril when their magitek national defense project ran amok DR from being shunted to the Shadow Weave an alternate source of magic controlled by an evil Goddess. One of the more notable devices produced from Augury is a bottle of wine that refills itself once its wave-like engravings flare up.

In World of WarcraftNaaru and Ethereal constructs.

Worlds of Psionics

Feng Shui ‘s juncture uses a creepy fusion of magic and science known as arcanotech. Equinox gurp one of the oldest examples and may be the oldest put to film. Over a dozen campaign frameworks built around psionics, including political psis, psychic investigators, and psionic soldiers. Because of Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, the actual state of both particles are undetermined not merely unknown before measurement of their states; the particles are said to be entangled because measuring one state allows you to predict state of the other particle usually through a conservation law, such as conservation of angular momentum —-and this effect appears to travel instantaneously, instantly determining the lsi-tech of unmeasured particle magically, and apparently in contradiction to what Special Relativity says.

Avalon Tech Enterprises invents machines and magical items that uses Mana as its energy source to operate. As horrifying as it was, Yawgmoth’s magitek was so impressive that Urza, the artificer planeswalker who had dedicated his life to fighting Phyrexia, fell to his knees and pledged himself to Yawgmoth because he saw Phyrexia as everything he ever wanted.


Then Rumotim Ramiro Grimor discovers a way to make magic grow, allowing every magician to dispose of virtually unlimited quantities of itand it looks like everything’s going to hell. Both averted and played straight in Mercedes Lackey ‘s Heralds of Valdemar series: Ami “Sailor Mercury” Mizuno of Sailor Moon owns a literal Magical Computer — disguised as a compact, it vanishes when she doesn’t need it and can detect all manner of magical and mundane phenomena.

Magitek or “magitech” often appears to combine magic with modern technology or at least something distinctively mechanical: For instance, the Junction Machine Ellone, which uses a very special kind of Time Travel magic to send one’s consciousness back through time, and allowed the Big Bad to initiate her conquest.

While having very little overt magic, they do have far more advanced technology than Equestria Prime does. A number of settings planes really play up this trope.

In Harry Turtledove ‘s Every Pssi-tech A King windworkers produce winds that allow ships to sail against the natural wind, items are cheaply mass produced using the law of sympathy, crystal balls replace telegraphy, etc. There are also some aspects of Esthar that seem to use magical technology, such as Lunatic Pandora a floating construction which technologically amplifies the power of its Crystal Pillar core to summon monsters from the Moon and Tears’ Point a stadium-sized array of techno-magical batteries which is supposed to stop the above event.

It’s even a plot point in Season 1, where the most technologically advanced faction are the anti-bending Equalists. Stormphrax is also important for psit-ech uses.

GURPS Psionic Campaigns

The Mongol shamans’ practice of boiling drinking water to drive away “evil spirits. In particular, teleportation completely changed the dynamics of trade and travel, psychic communication is used in a way reminiscent of cell phones, magical genetic tests are possible to do quickly and gugps, and magical lighting is the norm. Use it too much, and you start mutating into something horrific and run the risk of becoming an abomination, one of the altered demons that the Buro uses to fight its wars.

The witch of the story reveals that all of this couldn’t be possible without magical assistance. All manner of magically gutps technology exists, ranging from magically imbued weapons to speed boats and airships. In Final Fantasy X-2this is expanded upon with the ancient Vegnagunand the Machine Faction of the Al Bhed use or unearth magically-powered machina. Plenty of advice to help you fit your gifts to psitech role.


GURPS Psionic Powers

psi-tecb The new one uses Bessemer Converters. Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS psi-ech as well as many of our other game lines. Many artifacts qualify, especially artifact creatures. Shin Megami Tensei games frequently feature portable electronic devices called COMPS that automatically perform the complex magical ritual of summoning demons into the mortal world. Averted by the Tau, who do not believe in the supernatural despite everything to the contrary in their universe.

Eberron features a Pulp Adventure setting influenced by Indiana Jones movies, mixed with Dungeon Punkin a fauxth century world making use of arcane technology and magic for infrastructure, travel and everyday life. Turtledove also wrote a series following the course of a World War II analogue with behemoths psi-tecb the place of tanks, dragons instead of planes, enchanted ” sticks ” that worked a lot like guns, a magical Manhattan Project, and so on.

A Song of Ice and Fire gives us examples of straight-up magic, straight-up science Lord Dornkirk’s technological empire seems almost entirely comprised of Magitek machinery. Granted, the classic Spell Book format doesn’t act much different from a computer.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: They are living creatures that have had golem components most typically arms, legs and protective plates grafted onto their body — this gives them various bonuses, depending on what sort of half-golem they are. Sean Punch 43 pages. Interestingly, it is implied that this is the distant future of the Ivalice of XII; what happened between them for knowledge of magitech to be lost is unknown, though it is worth noting that the most technologically inclined species, the Moogles, has gone extinct.

The vignette on p. Unlike the other nations, however, much of its more advanced technology can be fully operated by non-benders as well. The difference is mainly cosmetic. Justified in that “magic” is said to be based on a “fifth fundamental force”, making it essentially an application of physics in that universe.