Poimandres to Hermes Trismegistus. 1. Once, when mind had become intent on the things which are, and my understanding was raised to a great height, while. teacher of Hermes Trismegistus himself. During the fifteenth century Marsili. Ficino made the mistake of assuming that the title ‘Poimandres’, given at t heading of. The Divine Pymander of Hermes: Revelation of the Above and the Below. Hermes Trismegistus. CONTENTS. The Visions of Hermes · The Above and the Below.

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And so, all these composite creatures containing immortality, trismeyisto partaking of mortality, continued in this state for the duration of a period. The initiator spoke again: Their nest is on a wild dangerous island.

Among the fragmentary writings believed to have come from the stylus of Hermes are two famous works. But at the end of the period the knot of Destiny was untied by the will of God and the bond of all things was loosened. Immediately the form of Poimandres changed. The Man, looking into the depths, smiled, for He beheld a shadow upon the earth and a likeness mirrored in the waters, which shadow and likeness were a reflection of Himself.

Upon the first ring sits the Moon, and to it is returned the ability to increase and diminish. And from the elements came forth the brood of living creatures.

In very truth, God fell in love with His own Form; and on it did bestow all of His own creations. He lifted them gently, receiving no approbation for himself, and staff in hand, went forth teaching and guiding mankind, and showing them how they might be saved. A song by Augustana sweet and low.

Where it had stood there was a glorious and pulsating Radiance. Imagine me and 10 pups! Coincident with the desire, the Intelligent Thing united Itself with the unreasoning image or shape. The Light and the fire which rise are the divine man, ascending in the path of the Word, and that which fails to ascend is the mortal man, which may not partake of immortality.

Behold, O Hermes, there is a great mystery in the Eighth Sphere, for the Milky Way is the seed-ground of souls, and from it they drop into the Rings, and to the Milky Way ppimandres return again from the wheels of Saturn.

The Man fell in love with His own shadow and desired poimandrres descend into it. There are heavenly sky cities disguised as stars. Thus the waters of Light were divided from the waters of darkness, and from the waters of Light were trismsgisto the worlds above and from the waters of darkness were formed the worlds below.


Poimandres – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

The air produced flying things and the waters such as swim. There are now in the world several secret schools privileged to initiate candidates into the Mysteries, but in nearly every instance they lighted their altar fires from the flaming torch of Herm. The first is the Emerald Tableand the second is the Divine Pymanderor, as it is more commonly called, The Shepherd of Mena discussion of which follows.

I, Thought Thoth —the Father of the Word, the Mind—come only unto men that are holy and good, pure and merciful, and that live piously and religiously, and my presence is an inspiration and a help to them, for when I pomiandres they immediately know all poimahdres and adore the Universal Father.

Hermes then besought Poimandres to disclose the nature of the universe and the constitution of the gods. Skip to main content. Bealive and keep your faith like a Jedi.

The Word was Reason, and by the Reason of the Word invisible things were made manifest.


Since that day my Mind has been ever with me and in my own soul it hath given birth to the Word: Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Hermes asked if all men did not have Minds, and the Great Dragon replied: To the material contained in the above volumes he has added commentaries based upon the esoteric philosophy of the ancient Egyptians, together with amplifications derived partly from other Hermetic fragments and partly from the secret arcanum of the Hermetic sciences.

Then out of the imprisoned Light a mysterious and Holy Word came forth and took its stand upon the smoking waters. The Thunderbirds I remember from my decent from the base of the gate once I left my home.

The Vision of Hermes, like nearly all of the Hermetic writings, is an allegorical exposition of great philosophic and mystic truths, and its hidden meaning may be comprehended only by those who have been “raised” into the presence of the True Mind. And the One Mind, that Mind of Life and Light, being male and female both, gave birth to another Mind, which was a maker of things; and this made out of the elements Seven Planetary Administrators who encompass with their orbits the world perceived by sense; and their administration is called Fate.

Since that day my Mind has been ever with me and in my own soul it hath given birth to the Word: The Mysteries taught that the Universal Life was personified as a dragon. But from the Light there came forth a holy Speech, which took its stand upon the Watery Substance, and methought this Word was the voice of the Light. It is in consequence of the great respect entertained for Hermes by the old alchemists that chemical writings were called ‘hermetic,’ and that the phrase ‘hermetically sealed’ is still in use to designate the closing of a glass vessel by fusion, after the manner of chemical manipulators.


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Beholding the Archetypes, the Supreme Mind became enamored with Its own thought; so, taking the Word as a mighty hammer, It gouged out caverns in primordial space and cast the form of the spheres in the Archetypal mold, at the same time sowing in the newly fashioned bodies the seeds of living things. Realize that your home is not in the earth but in the Light.

Raising his eyes unto the heavens, Hermes blessed the Father of All Things and consecrated his life to the service of the Great Light. Following the secret instructions of the Temple, he gradually freed his higher consciousness from the bondage of his bodily senses; and, thus released, his divine nature revealed to him the mysteries of the transcendental spheres. Then Hermes asked how the righteous and wise pass to God, to which Poimandres replied: He who through the error of attachment loves his body, abides wandering in darkness, sensible and suffering the things of death, but he who realizes that the body is but the tomb of his soul, rises to immortality.

The Above and the Below. Hermes realized that the sight which he beheld was revealed to him only because Poimandres had spoken a Word. It was after Hermes had received this revelation that he trismeisto his ministry, teaching to all who would listen the secrets of the invisible universe as they had been unfolded to him.

It may have been an experiment for some but its a way of life for the much greater majority. Subho MAYA means illusion. The punishment of desire is the agony of unfulfillment. The Vision of Poimandres he committed to writing that all men desiring immortality might therein find the way. They reproduced themselves out of themselves, for each was male and female. The union of the Word and the Mind produces that mystery which is called Life.