Text. Hevajra Tantra, the King of Tantras (Skt. Hevajranāmatantrarāja; Tib. ཀྱེའི ་རྡོ་རྗེ་ཞེས་བྱ་བ་རྒྱུད་ཀྱི་རྒྱལ་པོ་, Wyl. kye’i. A Buddhist Tantra of twenty chapters, thought to have originated in the eighth century. The name is based on the male deity Hevajra, a personified symbol for the. THE core of this work is an edition of the Hevajra-tantra, based upon a. Nepalese manuscript, which was kindly lent me by Professor Giuseppe Tucci. This text.

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Regarding the experience of existence and non-existence it is said: Such gatherings were a means to introduce novices to the matured realizations of the adepts and thereby deepen their own level of direct personal experience. A palasa seed, 2 plucked under Pusya 3 and mixed with kutharachinnahe should pound together with sukra under a solar eclipse. A vast number of texts were translated, hence the Tangyur and Kangyur. This fluctuation corresponds with the manner in which Hevaj’ra alone or Hevaj’ra embracing Nairatmya may symbolize the whole samsara and by implication nirvana.

This contact has given me a broad view and a lasting interest in the practice of yoga gantra in the literature of the various sects to which these yogis belong. The period of five years is suggested by some of the biographies of the eighty-four siddhas. The essential nature is known as the Innate and is the one Concealed Essence of all things.

The second difference was that consecration was not generally given en mass or to large assemblies, as is often the case today.

Sacred Texts: Hevajra Tantra

Previously only invited aspirants could attend the consecration rite. This monastic ascendency blurred the view ofthe distinct stages of discipline and preparation which are necessary prior to tantric conse- cration. In the tantric viewthe Bhagavan is defined as the one who possesses Bhaga, the womb, which is the source. His tawny hair streams up surmounted with a crossed vajra. These songs, couched in code, should express the Means to the supreme.


Hevajra Tantra

However, the vast majority of the population in the west are ignorant of and unaffected by this transference and generally speaking interest in Buddhism is small but growing. Chants Mystiques, Paris, The successful activation ofthe Process of Perfec- tion nispannakramathe culmination of the evam method and the realization ofthe Innate nature, is indicated by the word maya, ‘have V.

There is clearly great variety in these lists, and contradictions can easily be shown even within a single tradition, if one checks the lists hegajra cross-references. Reality 60 Chapter vi.

The Hevajra Tantra teaches the Union of Skillful Means and Profound Cognition ; and states that such union is helpful in achieving the powers known as siddhis. As always, I can count on Exotic India to find treasures not found in tezt in my area. The Derge edition, however, divides it into seventeen parts: See Buddhist Texts Cassirer,pp. It is hevajar noting that Heruka, a term used for the male deity in Buddhist tantras, is also bevajra synonym for Siva.

The view according to the Process of Perfection regarding mantra, mandala, mudra and concentration is defined. Other incidental references appear in the notes. She is her eprajna, the eternally quiescent one, and it is by means of her partner upaya that phenomenal existence comes about.

The tradition of religious vernacular song is an ancient method of teaching the theories of yoga to the common man by way of allegories contained in the songs. In his introduction Vajragarbha announces his inten- tion of explaining the short version of slokas which comes out of the 1 Obermiller, p.

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Hevajra Tantra – Rigpa Wiki

The entry ofthe Master into the mandala and his instructions to the disciple are mentioned. Thus T ankadfe a required three years EM, p.

The commentary gives the cipher which indicates the attitude and ingredients for the erotic union to be completed during the gathering of Initiates. All the enemies will become headless.

It would not be fair to expect such sensitiveness on this score from our commentators, and in attempting to interpret these texts one can do no better than follow their lead, for they tsntra the Buddhists who presumably practised these precepts, and it is their Buddhism we are attempting to understand.

The constant and deliberate identifying of a part with the whole is one of the chief difficulties in clear exposition. Consecration is said to be hext fold for the benefit of living beings. It may be all very well to say that samsara is nirvana if one remains in nirvana — mystic realizationbut the theory, to say the least, lends itself to considerable misunderstanding, if one remains in samsara — normal phenomenal existence and still maintains that all is nirvana. His tawny hair flows upwards crested with a double vajra and he wears a diadem tantrw five dry skulls.