Wisdom jobs provide you with Application Packaging interview questions .. What Is The Latest Version Of Wise Package Studio & Install Shield Admin Studio ?. keyskills;- WisePackageStudio,AdminStudio,Installshield,APP-V,Thin-app interview Questions for Application packaging (wise\installshield). Application Packaging and Virtualization Interview Questions | Advanced Technical Topics | Free Practice Test | Free Sample InstallShield.

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Interview Questions & Answers -Part 1 | Balsaraj’s Blog

What Is Application Repackaging? Who started inetrview, sir? Explain what does service mean and what are the different type of services are available? Always Install Elevated Value: The other candidates because they may well be able to do the job without cheating, and deserve the chance to get it more than someone who clearly isn’t qualified. VMware Training Learners. Self-healing, installon- demand and user profile fix-up operate at the Feature level.

What is Active Directory?

You’re only a year too late to the the discussion and you didn’t really add anything that wasn’t already covered. EXE file, for example that is part of the distribution is corrupt or is deleted, the user can be prompted to repair the installation by presenting the original.

It is an installation, in the form of a single file. Let’s work to help developers, not make them feel stupid. Installshielld are commenting using your WordPress.

Installshield interview questions- need answers

Features are buckets for Components. This process is also known as self-healing or self-repair.


It is nothing but a collection of features 2. Have aminstudio ever lie on your resume? You aren’t aware of the forum polices yourself. This process is also known as self-healing or self-repair. Us giving you the answers to these questions does NOT help you. A single, installed, working program or set of programs is a product.

List out the main reasons why a repackaging is required? Upgrading of the application can be done with ease. The Installer first installs the feature and then progresses through the actions specified in the sequence tables of the installation database. A component can contain at most one key path; if a component has no explicit key path, the component’s destination directory is taken aeminstudio be the key path.

No Session Zero isolation Windows7: The Main difference between packaging and re-packaging is that the source files does not come in the form of package in packaging where as in re-packaging they come in a form of a package, which might be MSI or legacy package such as executable, batch files, etc.

Sometimes when the repackager runs, all it knows is that an. Shortcuts are the entry points to aminstudio applications installed on the system which is normally points to a file: When uninstalling a repackaged application, it is possible that the AllUsers profile. What Is Dll Cache Folder? For example, an MSI might install French and English versions of a program, each of which is a different product.

Application Packaging Course Training in Hyderabad

It is positioned as an alternative to stand-alone executable installer frameworks such as older versions of InstallShield and Wise Package Studio later versions of both supports Windows Installer and NSIS. Which one will execute first. Don’t want to do addminstudio work? Answers to these questions can be found when you read the Wikipedia link of Windows Installer. When do you use ActiveSetup?


Application Packaging Sample Resumes? This policy can be used adminstueio block malicious scripts, help lockdown a computer, or prevent unwanted applications from running. The following are three types of transforms that are available within MSI:. If a critical file a. The Microsoft Windows Installer provides many built-in actions for performing the installation process.

application packaging interview questions | Matrix Trainings

Note that if there are multiple features then it will not check the missing key paths of the other features, but only the feature of which the advertised shortcut is launched. Interview questions and answers for 2 year exp in ASP. Cant use scripts i what is the maximum number of files allowed questtions a component? It provides a standard method for developing, customizing, installing, and updating applications.

Such a group of related applications can consist of different versions and different language versions of the same product. Application is installed via an OS service.