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Anwar Shaikh

The faithful believe, as the Bible says: One way of achieving this end is by sheer brute force such as carnage and destruction of property, but this tact works temporarily only because man’s love of freedom persuades him to resist the tyrant.

The Egyptians were the lslam to yield to this demand, followed by the Greeks, Persians and other conquered nations. We Allah shall chastise them twice It islma only an assumption of the zealots.

Impreialism, the best way of achieving dominance is through exploitation of fear, which must form a part of one’s faith and behaviour. What do they desire another religion than God’s. Yet the Muslims call themselves monotheists!

Though social order is hierarchical, it differs from the universal hierarchy; the former is based on a personal ambition which grows even stronger as one gathers more power but the latter is impersonal or neutral because it is based on function and not ambition.

The details of this episode are to be found in chapter 19 of Genesis. In a small treatise as this, it is not possible to examine careers of all the major Semitic Prophets. It was then he was told that Philip, the king of Macedonia, though 34 married to his mother, Olympias, was not his true father, because his mother’s pregnancy had, in fact, been caused by the necromantic touch of Amon, the god of gods, who wanted to secure the birth of a mighty prince to release Egypt from the clutches of the Persians.

He will have mercy on you, or, if He will. Both the high and tue are likely to have the ambition to dominate others. This is what gives it the mystique wrab heavenly success, splendour and superiority.

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Full text of “ISLAM THE ARAB IMPERIALISM Anwar Shaikh”

When eight years’ old, he was offered as a slave in the market of Akkaz. He includes Muhammad in it: The Koran declares openly: To vouch for the holiness of the Prophet, this event is made to look as if it were ordained by Allah, and Muhammad had no choice but to obey!

Is it not amazing that a modern super power like the United States of America, despite showering billions of dollars on the world’s depressed, deprived and derided people, cannot win their gratitude, but one thousand million Muslims of this planet, who mostly suffer from pangs of poverty, will save every penny to perform the annual Hajj ceremony, which has been the mainstay of the Saudi Arabian economy shaijh centuries.

It is said that when the boy’s father, Harith, and uncle Kaab, heard of it, they approached Muhammad with the necessary ransom to free him. It is just ths, and a form of make-believe, for any man to pretend to be God or live as such through the memory of one’s fellow-beings.

Behold this is a reward for you, and your toiling is thanked. Life commences with free will.

Anwar Shaikh’s Islam, the Arab Imperialism – Anwar Shaikh – Google Books

Though it has been suppressed by the majority vote for the time being, its spectre shall rise again and again until the Muslim start respecting the human rights of free speech and action. It provides tranquility through the hoax of paradise, which is a place of bliss, blessedness and beatitude, where there is no pain, toil or death.

Consider the following to realise the truth: His greatness, however, lies in masterfully exploiting the concept of Prophethood, which, tue an integral tradition of the Middle Eastern culture, is less spiritual and more political. Even Prophet Muhammad is at the mercy of Allah because it depends upon His will whether He will guide or chastise Muhammad. This fact brings us to the discussion of the second type of dominance hierarchy which I termed as “spiritual”.


Tbe fact, Allah is desperate for believers, imprrialism sanctions murder and destruction of those, who impdrialism not accept Him: Here is the Koranic story of Zaid and Zainab to prove the case, though the Muslim scholars have deliberately misinterpreted it to prove their “piety”. Why should they denigrate their own religious heroes, whom they admire to the tune of worship?

Without the contributions of these men, Islam would have faced extinction in its embryonic form. Since the concept of Prophethood has been a great barrier to free thinking and unity of mankind owing to its supernatural and devisive character, one is inclined to examine it with a view to imperialim facts from fiction and truth from triviality.

Anwar Shaikh (critic of Islam)

The inhabitants of paradise shall be given winged horses created out of rubies which will take the rider wherever he wishes. History has recorded that, in November B. That Divine power, they referred to as god or goddess, and started adoring it. She was not only a beautiful woman but also his cousin. Mecca, Medina and Taif, enjoyed a high status owing amwar their grip on national trade and commerce.

Since it was politically motivated, and it did lead to the Prophet’s total grip on Arabia, he was simply a statesman, who used the old Semitic tradition of Prophethood, which has proved an effective political weapon over the centuries: A true Judge of Inperialism would have imposed the Divine punishment on such a despicable calumniator as Abdullah bin Ubayy.

Translations of this item: Islam does not claim to be the religion proclaimed by the Prophet Muhammad of Arabia but the continuation of the faith that God revealed to 17 Noah and “the prophets after him such as Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus, Job, Jonah and Aaron and Solomon Judging by the Koranic Law, the Prophet had no such option.