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Richard Terrett 2, 12 It will use less energy when run on 9V. Also, there are larger standard 9V batteries, like the P GustavoFSx In the video they claim more energy out than in. The keple you give is nonsense as far as energy balances.

So, when ignoring the disinverted metaphysics nonsense, I end up with just a simple motor with a fancy name? The claim you cite from the radio does not claim anything relevant: Of course the magnetic field will discharge and volts are not a conserved quantity.

Things like apparent torque, fans that “usually require 60 or 80W” are deceptive. I d say hat one can buy that material for about 10 to 20 Dollars everywhere. There are better 9V batteries9V block lithium batteries are of the same shape, but a lot more capacity than alkaline.

Essentail energy is not a physics term. Is that what is really happening?

What is Keppe Motor?

This conundrum was perceived by Nobel Prize winner, Steven Weinberg. Forget it, it is just a trick to get at your money.

The idea was put forward that there is a particle of matter — the atom, the smallest particle — composed of two kepe plus a neutral element formed by the fusion of protons and electrons.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

What is Keppe Motor? – Keppe Motor – Tecnologia para um Novo Mundo

This led a group of followers to waste their time and the money of many countries on building the cyclotron in Switzerland. Also, strange things happen on the proximities of a mitor motor a similar motor will start running even though it has no power, but it will run slower than the first one.

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De Lorenzo has extensive experience and expertise in instructional systems, thanks to continuous evolution with projects in educational institutions around the world. There is nothing like the market to clear the wheat from the chaff, so I would say this is chaff. In the impeccably enunciated words of Carl Sagan, ‘extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence’, and well, their website has a dearth of even ordinary evidence to characterise this motor.

In this fascinating book, Dr.

From exploring the truth about energy and matter, to discussing the true source of energy, to examining the enormous impact of psychology on genetics, Keppe clarifies science and disinverts its incorrect metaphysical orientation.

A website that explains the operating principle of the motor as arising from disinverted Aristotlean metaphysics is something else entirely. I can not easily compare the capacitys of batteries because the useable capacity depends on the current used. We can assume the fraction of the two hours that was used to hold the motor by hand was short, because it hurs quickly when the motor does not stop as claimed.

A better mousetrap has people flocking, let alone a free soup one: But without load on the gear, these losses are small. Volker Siegel 2, 1 16 Maybe that’s what makes the motor more efficient since this energy is not wasted.

What is the real reason for this power peek? Keppe analyzes the mistakes in science that have caused us to be so destructive and out of resonance with nature, and to offer concrete solutions for fixing our inverted scientific worldview.


I was searching the internet for information about solar panels. Norberto Keppeexplores how the essential concepts of Physics, as well as biology and psychology, are completely inverted and are actually leading scientists ,otor from understanding the nature of reality and the universe in which we live.

Show real data, energy in and energy out measured by agreed standards. Maybe you should take some real physics courses. The burden of proof is on the developers.

electromagnetism – Is the Keppe Motor “real”? – Physics Stack Exchange

That anomaly is shown here link. And that depends on the motor we do not know. There is a large choice of gear motors available, you could choose a small one as they report that runs on 12V usually. There are the common 9V block alkaline bateries, but it’s not stated they used them.

Oh, and when one tries to hold the axis of a motor by hand, it get’s much harder the smaler the diameter of the axis is – and small motors have a small axis.

The “tests” spoken of are meaningless. You can purchase a motor kit for USD, which consists of a coil former, two ring magnets, a reed switch and a toggle switch. How did you go about getting more information about it?