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Parents sometimes send their sons to live with the marabout as talibes rather than giving them a conventional education. The marabout-talibe relationship in Senegal is essentially a relationship of personal dependence. Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article.

Senegal’s Mourides: Islam’s mystical entrepreneurs – BBC News

Salvation, he said, comes through submission to the marabout and hard work. Even taxi and bus drivers fill their vehicles with stickers, paintings and photos of the marabouts of their particular brotherhoods.

Ash’ari Maturidi Traditionalist Others: Mouridusme Ibrahima Fall was one of the first of Amadou Bamba’s disciples and one of the most illustrious. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

After universal suffrage was given inSenegal saw a rapid increase in the number of voters, almost triple the number just 10 years prior. They often send money back to the brotherhood leaders in Touba. The beliefs and practices of the Mourides constitute Mouridism. In modern times the hard labor is often replaced by members roaming the streets asking for financial donations for their marabout. Islamic Society and State Power in Senegal. Amadou Bamba was buried in at the great mosque in Touba, the holy city of Mouridism and the heart of mohridisme Mouride movement.


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The Mourides of Senegal: Islam is a powerful mobilization moyridisme and provides the rhetoric for the formulation of ideological movements, and serves as a force for mobilizing people in the pursuit of goals defined by those movements. Retrieved May 25, from “Archived copy”.

The large share of the Mouride’s control over the groundnut production has placed them in the center of the nation’s economy. Archived from the original on 15 January The members of the Baye Fall dress in colorful ragged clothes, wear their hair in dreadlocks which are called ndiange “strong hair”which they decorate usually with homemade beads, wire or string.

Political Topographies of the African State. There however remains a potential for ethnic and caste divides to enter the Senegalese socio-political organization. This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat Views Read Edit View history. What is more common is to see them exert their influence over their mouridismee and use this in return to gain a larger presence in the Senegalese politics.

There is only one surviving photograph of Amadou Bamba, in which he wears a flowing white kaftan and his face is mostly covered by a scarf. Bythe French realized that El was not waging war against them and was in fact quite cooperative. Another aspect of influence that the religious leaders have is the material means to influence local leaders and politicians.


Les logiques de travail chez les Mourides

Senegalese politicians have courted the Mouride brotherhood since moyridisme. Senegal enjoying small measures of self-rule in many areas. However, Bamba’s exile fueled legends about his miraculous ability to survive torture, deprivation, and attempted executions, and thousands more flocked to his organization.

Couty ce serait M.

Thus, today there exists migratory routes that also allow spiritual replenishment. At the time of the foundation of the Mouride brotherhood inthe French were in control of Senegal as well as most of West and North Africa.

Senegal’s Mourides: Islam’s mystical entrepreneurs

They also carry clubs, and act as security guards in the annual Grand Magal pilgrimages to Touba. Although he did not support the French conquest of West Africahe did not wage outright war on them, as several prominent Tijani marabouts had done.

Traditional Wolof aristocrats had proven problematic as intermediaries for the colonial authorities, and they hoped that Mouride leaders would be more effective and legitimate. Daaras are madrassas or quranic schools.