ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE. The quick and efficient preparation of architectural documentation in the environment of ArCADia-INTELLICAD or AutoCAD. INTERsoft-INTELLICAD is a breakthrough version of the CAD software for creating the multidisciplinary ArCADia BIM system also utilizes IntelliCAD solutions. The origins of the idea behind the ArCADia industry specific applications system date back to the ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE and ArCADia-IntelliCAD

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When designing subsequent ArCADia elements, designed for specific design disciplines, compliance with the BIM assumptions has become a priority for us.


Drop-down menus support relocated commands and display of icons. This website uses cookies and scripts in order to analyze the website traffic and to improve your browsing experience. It has powerful tools for precise drawing. Automatic measuring of distances, areas agcadia the setting of coordinates. Their manufacturers choose various assumptions and arczdia to create a program consistent with BIM. The possibility to display print styles in the paper space.

Designed for the construction industry, inntellicad programs had no additional industry modules at that time. As a result, in spite of the fact that the purpose of BIM technology was also to standardize the method of design, applications very often differ from one another with regards to interface and method of intlelicad.

Implemented LISP programming language interpreter enables the reading of applications written in this language. The program is used to design telecommunication networks, fibre-optic and copper media networks.

Modification of the top menu, toolbars, command status bar and shortcuts. The extensive specialized functions of the ArCADia BIM system introduce the designer in the environment of many construction industries in an intuitive way.

Some IntelliCAD 8 source codes have been used in the program. DWG format, which has been in existence for years.


Displaying of hatching with gradients. It enables the automatic selection of elements and the generation of axonometric, lists and the calculations nece. Windows 10 or Windows 8. The R3D3-Rama 3D program is designed for construction engineers.


ArCADia BIM CAD software system supporting BIM technology.

The paper space handles non-square views. Designing based on BIM arcaeia is, without a doubt, the inevitable future of the construction industry, however, as we have seen, the need to use simple and universal CAD tool is forever present. Support for device selection directly from the status bar. The ArCADia BIM system is constantly being developed, and although we have not yet solved all the design problems faced by architects and engineers, we can speak about the first, so complex, Polish BIM arcaeia design system.

ArCADiasoft CAD programs

BIM Technology brings a number of benefits to designers. Gradually, subsequent BIM supporting applications are being released onto the design software market.

Support for combined dimensioning. The program allows the preparation of professional documentation related to the design of low-voltage power networks and enables object-oriented creation of drawings of networks in spatial development plans. If you click I agreethe information will not appear again. Working on layers, command line, full setting personalization commands, toolbars, shortcuts and aliases, the option to import lines, hatching and dimensioning styles are the basic features of the software.

Enhanced recognition of snapping points basee. They introduce numerous new solutions, different from the traditional CAD environment which designers have gotten used to over the years.

As a software developer, we can not only shape that application but also set its price, which is why, especially for Polish engineers, we established favourable purchase conditions.

Insertion and definition of libraries of symbols, blocks, simple and complex texts SHX and True Type fonts.

intelilcad It is used for static calculations and dimensioning of planar and spatial bar systems. There is an option to work with textures, lighting and to create renderings in 3D documents. Reading and editing bitmap arcadiaa e. You can find more information on the Privacy Policy and cookie website. Check and repair corrupted drawing function. The program can be used to create professional technical documentation of internal water supply systems in a building with BIM technology.

The object-oriented design is implemented by inserting elements from a library of pipelines, fittings and gas devices. Explorer similar to the Design Arcdaia. The basis for BIM technology is not only to design and work in 3D mode, but the integration of information about the designed structure in the form of a complete, virtual model incorporating not only data concerning the architecture and structure of the building, but all of the industry-related problems.

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If you click I agreethe information will not appear arcadiaa. While installing ArCADia AC, a ingellicad of toolbars are accessible, which increase the functionality of the AutoCAD software in terms of making a drawing or supporting it with regard to sector designs e.

First of all, it makes the multi-discipline designing process proceed in parallel and the designers of particular industries can work at the intelliczd time on the same design and watch the progress of another teams’ work, which significantly simplifies consultations and reduces the number of collisions arising in the design.

The design is implemented using object-oriented insertion of elements, including the possibility to use the database of pipelines and.

A complete drawing is fully portable arcadix retains all the data about the elements of the building regardless of the scope of the licensed system modules. Multiple windows can be opened with various views and layout.

This website uses cookies and scripts in order to analyze the website traffic and to improve your browsing experience. You can find more information on the Privacy Policy and cookie website.

By buying this solution, you are opening for yourselves the path to an easy transition into the world of BIM technology, when you deem it appropriate. The idea of the system ijtellicad on using objects rather than just lines in a drawing allowed us to extend it to the areas related to BIM-based design.