Buy FilmCraft: Cinematography 01 by Mike Goodridge, Tim Grierson (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery. The first in the FilmCraft Series, this beautiful book covers the complex craft of cinematography through discussions with notable cinematographers, like Vittorio . Read “FilmCraft: Cinematography” by Mike Goodridge with Rakuten Kobo. As chief collaborators with the directors on a film, cinematographers are artistic.

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Conversations with Legendary Film Directors”, to name a few. Many of whom get their name above the title.

Buy FilmCraft: Cinematography – Microsoft Store

The interviews are absolutely priceless, the book is well-written and the potential of a continuing series of this book featuring more cinematographers worldwide would be wonderful. If you are a film student, an observer of cinematography or just a cineaste who are passionate about the films and ccinematography people responsible on camera, make no doubt about it He is a familiar face on the international film festival circuit, a prolific reviewer, and a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

The Art of the Storyboard. Cinematography” we cinemahography some hope that we found what we were in search of. It explores the troubled family dynamic of a bitter waitress and her stunningly successful older brother.

McGarvey restates that in “The War Zone.

And when it comes to interview books with cinematographers, let’s just say that it ranks in my top two! Woody Allen is known for not being a film technician. This book features names that shocked even me, that they got the opportunity to interview them for this book. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Each volume in the collection focuses on a different aspect of film production by gathering interviews with master filmvraft, who are able to relay a lifetime of experience in cinematograpuy series of intimate and informal conversations.

FilmCraft: Cinematography by Mike Goodridge and Tim Grierson (2011, Paperback)

The books are presented in an easy-to-read conversational style, with the author’s holding ‘discussions’ with various legends in their particular field. I can easily remember watching “Chungking Express” and watching the scene while Cop played by Tony Leung Chiu Wai is standing in his area and Doyle employs the quick movements on this static character. John Shinn rated it liked it Jan 03, His work on “Brokeback Mountain” and “Wall Street” made big visuals, but they are sometimes vistas which are tough to see.


There are huge lighting riggings and long, long shot lists for “Chicago,” “Nine,” “Miami Vice,” and “Collateral. Chenxia rated it liked it Jan 02, LEGACY – As visually stimulating as each two-page spread may be, it’s not a leaf-through and set-aside coffee table book. The first two installments, Editing Justin Chang and Cinematography Mike Goodridge and Tim Griersonset a high bar for future volumes and are easily recommended sources of information and understanding.


It’s full of beautiful images and interviews with top notch cinematographers. The fact is that unless you spend a lot of money on Blu-ray or DVD’s which you can hope has an filmcgaft commentary track or interview with a cinematographer, it really is awesome when you come across a book written by writers who are passionate about cinema and really went out to gather considerable names for their book.

We have been in search of the answer to the question for quite a few years. When we discovered, “FilmCraft: Sure, actors are the draw for most audiences.

Part of Ilexs groundbreaking series on moviemaking, this book offers an unparalleled insight into the art of cinematography through in-depth interviews with a host of the most distinguished practitioners of their field, as well as features on noteable cinematographers of the past.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Refresh and try again. In Cinematography sixteen of the world? LEGACY – As visually stimulating as each two-page spread may be, it’s not a leaf-through and set-aside coffee table book.

You can read them straight through or just pick a page with a movie you like and learn how it was made. I was definitely in glee when I read the interview with Christopher Doyle.


FilmCraft: Cinematography by Mike Goodridge and Tim Grierson (, Paperback) | eBay

Twenty-one cinematographers are profiled in all. Interspersed between the chapters are five “Legacy” spreads, clearly separated by black backgrounds. I don’t know how many times I have watched these films and felt inspired seeing someone of Asian descent working in the film industry in classic Hollywood. Reading interviews with greats in that work is really interesting. Cinemattography you aren’t a filmmaker then you will be taught to be more attentive to what the film is showing you and why.

That’s very different than watching the end results of what they have created.

You’ve successfully reported this review. Julian Pham rated it really liked it Nov 07, In that vein, I”d like to recommend an excellent new pair of books that examine the process of crafting films – in fact, the book series is called ”Filmcraft,” and the first two volumes are ”Cinematography” by Mike Goodridge and Tim Grierson, and ”Editing” by Justin Chang.

And also along with those books is a dedicated cinema shrine of DVD’s and Blu-ray’s featuring the work of the world’s talented filmmakers since the late ‘s to present-time. These are fascinating and worthwhile books that really explore in-depth the masterful work of these artists. In Cinematography sixteen of the worlds greatest painters of light share their insights, anecdotes and technical achievements through a series of exclusive interviews.

There are huge lighting riggings and long, long shot lists for “Chicago,” “Nine,” “Miami Vice,” and “Collateral. Cinematography by Mike Goodridge. Nicholas Musco rated it it was amazing Dec 18, It would have been wonderful to have a Russian, Indian, Chinese, Swedish and other wonderful cinematographers featured. But aside from Christopher Doyle, who has worked on many Asian cinema with director Wong Kar-wai, it would have been nice to see Asian cinematographers featured.

Cinematography” is wonderful resource featuring interviews and article spotlights with a variety of cinematographers.