New York Times bestseller Lirael is perfect for fans of epic fantasy like Game of Thrones. In this sequel to the critically acclaimed Sabriel, Garth Nix draws. Lirael by Garth Nix. Lirael book cover. logo logo. Rating / A multifaceted tale of death. Free preview. It has been 18 years. Lirael is Abhorsen Book 2 of The Old Kingdom Series by award-winning author Garth Nix, author of young adult fantasy novels.

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I also personally think this book was better than the first. Pages to import images to Wikidata. I stayed up until midnight to finish this and I don’t regret that really, but I need to be awake at 5am for uni, so And of course a young man who’s managed to get himself so scared of his “expected future” that he’s paralyzed at the very thought of it More books by this author More books in this series.

Five years later, in Ancelstierre, Prince Sameth encounters the necromancer Hedge and his undead minions, which injures Sameth both spiritually and physically.

Lirael, the protagonist of the second and third books, is Sabriel’s younger half-sister on the father’s side; but is unaware of this until her nineteenth year, and largely raised by her mother’s relatives, the Clayr.

She embodies everything I look for in a protagonist. I couldn’t wait for it to end. Specific settings of the book carry emotion that is felt by the characters and readers alike. It was pretty obvious from the start that both these creatures of magic had a history together, and not an entirely pleasant one. Garth Nix has been a full-time writer sincebut has also worked as a literary agent, marketing consultant, book editor, book publicist, book sales representative, bookseller, and as a part-time soldier in the Australian Army Reserve.


The first book, which I had liked. She is a Daughter of the Clayr, but doesn’t have the litael of sight, she is an outcast.

Lirael – Wikipedia

I think I prefer Liraelthough, because of the library, and because also Abhorsen honestly kind of scares the shit out of me. Oh, yeah, did I mention that Lirael is a librarian? Although, I could see a light at the end of the ggarth for Sam. Maybe the plot wasn’t strong enough to keep my interest with a cast of such lame characters. Lists with This Book.

Now, two years past the time when she should have received the Sight that is the Clayr’s birthright, she feels alone, abandoned, unsure of who she is. He could become the brave warrior that fights for his kingdom. Most of the Clayr had brown skin that quickly tanned to a deep chestnut out on the glacier slopes, as well as bright blond hair and gzrth eyes.

It does appear that Sabriel is written almost like a stand-alone, as this sequel takes place almost one and a half decade after the events in the first book with two new main characters; Lirael, a daughter of nnix Clayr and Prince Sameth, the son of Sabriel and Touchstone. All the other Clayr have a purpose.

Lirael by Garth Nix – review

She is an adult, and she does not have the Sight. He takes them into the caves of Fundindelve, where he watches over t The fucker didn’t even feel remorse, since it was wiped out. The book certainly ends with a cliffhanger, leaving the reader with many unanswered questions.


Illuminae Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. I just couldn’t stand him.

The Old Kingdom

Despite a wheel literally falling off the Austin, Garth survived to return to Australia and study at the University of Canberra. The common thread that gartb Lirael and Sam together is the potential re-emergence of an extremely dangerous and powerful entity engineered by a necromancer of considerable strength.

Jul 19, Mike the Paladin rated it liked it Shelves: It just lost momentum for me and the pacing never picked up. A really badass gut wrenching type moment where shit got real, and they roll that kind of a liraael throw?

Lirael by Garth Nix book review

More books by this author More books in this series. The entire Abhorsen lirawl gets better and better. It is difficult for me to handle immature behavior. Similar to what Mogget did in the first book. I really liked the whole Charter marks and Free Magic stuff. Yet Abhorsen Sabriel is lost, and only Lirael has any chance of stopping the Destroyer.

Then it ambled across and licked the petrified girl on the face with a tongue that most definitely was all real and not some Charter-made illusion. It’s everything any bookish person could ever wish for. View all 7 comments. But then, Part Two happens.