Web Dynpro for ABAP Tutorials GuiXT is a client-server based software technology that provides user interface customization solutions to SAP applications. SAP GUIXT is a tool provided with SAP that enables firms to tailor SAP transaction. This tutorial teaches about the GUIXT tool only. It is to be noted that these scripts run on individual machines. That means on each user machine, we have to. You will need about 1 hour for the tutorial. You will then be familiar with the essential GuiXT functions and possibilities. SAP standard, without GuiXT.

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For this tutorial, let us create a directory named guixt in c drive and place it in Scripts 1 box as shown above.

GuiXT by Synactive

All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. With combining seven SAP transactions into one launch pad, user error became almost non-existent, training costs were drastically reduced, and productivity increased dramatically along with data accuracy.

Discover how much more can be accomplished when your SAP processes become accessible to your remote workforce anywhere and everywhere Users of GuiXT Solutions report greatly improved productivity and accuracy, while at the same time reducing training and support costs. Join us to explore how this robust, plug-and-play solution is tailored to the real-world demands of high-volume wholesale distribution, and is designed to boost employee productivity, reduce errors, and increase customer satisfaction!

Are your Customer Sales Reps frustrated creating a customer master record, retrieving pricing information or order status, causing unneccesary delays and dissatisfied customers? There’s an amazing solution that will let you hide fields and aggregate screens to enhance your tutoriall experience. In this webinar, we’ll look at how warehousing teams use Liquid UI’s smart, multi-scan barcoding to dramatically streamline tutrial activities like cycle counts, manager-level approvals, and even logging in to SAP!

These are the directories that are searched for GuiXT scripts.

Here we specify various directories. Streamline critical operations communications among teams using SAP! Special guest Tom Haferkamp from REI will explore how to Minimize errors and avoid confusion by consolidating 20 screens to 1 screen, Enforce data integrity with custom validations and error handling, Deploy optimized, user-friendly interfaces for all users, Increase job satisfaction and flexibility and Save millions of dollars and increase your ROI on SAP, based on real business implementations.

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Starting with the challenges facing their contact centers, Graybar will walk through their approach for developing an intuitive, streamlined, and integrated buying process for their mobile-equipped salesforce.

In this webinar we have presented customer case studies from SAP users-St. Whether your network infrastructure costs are high or you have a workforce that covers a large geographic area with spotty or no network availability, the GuiXT Offline Suite enables a seamless SAP user experience.

Go mobile with your SAP in 5 minutes! Debbie Barber, Energen Corporation Description: Every effort is made to ensure content integrity. The long awaited apps are here! Professional Services Overview Training.

Let’s Start with SAP GuiXT

We will also show you how to connect to your SAP server and share some current customer implementations. This webinar showcases how to eliminate confusion with simple user interfaces, showing only the fields that users need to enter in data, Providing on-screen help that is field or screen specific, Reduce data entry errors by adding validations and defaults, Eliminate duplicate data entry or manual paperwork for mobile users and offline solutions.

The most cumbersome out-of-the-box process was the Engineering Change Management process and FDA regulations put NuVasive under additional requirements. NuVasive is a spinal medical device company that has earned the No. Graphic Design by Round the Bend Wizards.

Throughout your organization, Synactive’s GuiXT solutions enable you to better manage your operations-from human resources to plant maintenance to merging GIS and Google maps and every other area that SAP touches. Harrison will also demonstrate how they manipulated complex data for sales orders and how they brought the “outside in” using GuiXT Viewer to set up a web interface with FedEx to display shipping information. Liquid UI for Excel. Get what you want.

HTML5 and disconnected offline devices. Tony Holland, Synactive’s Technical Solutions Manager will show you the benefits of GuiXT technology and how it has enabled hundreds of our customers to quickly, easily, and inexpensively customize SAP applications to fit their specific needs-making transaction screens more intuitive. Some of the benefits includes Quicker response, Reduced process steps, Fingertip information, Faster Input, and Simplification.


Seattle Public Schools is the largest K school system in Washington State, serving more than 47, students in 91 schools. Gone are the days of having to scroll through long, complex SAP transactions and click through numerous tabs.

They now have over 8, users using SAP transactions simplified with GuiXT and continue to deploy more as they acquire plants. Every effort is made to ensure content integrity.

Robert Seifert, Operational Support Services Manager at ESRI will provide an in-depth look at how GuiXT gave his organization a simplistic way to handle the most ubiquitous tasks, such as hiding fields, moving fields around, and even moving them to other screens. Imagine being able to manage and monitor multiple work orders from vuixt screen. MMWD focused on adapting easily recorded tutorail to reduce errors and simplify work order creation reducing time spent on a transaction from over 2 minutes to just 22 seconds!

The history directory should be on the user’s personal pc.

Efficient Warehouse solves all your shipping, barcoding and printing requirements, easily and inexpensively. How about arming your sales force with a simpler mobile version so your reps can respond to gukxt in real time at the customer location, increasing efficiency, improving data accuracy and availability, while enabling them to spend more time selling instead of dealing with business operations overhead?

Use information on this site at your own risk. Aparna Desai and Tutorrial Kato will show you how to access customized SAP screens directly from yours and your organization’s mobile devices-without the need for a browser-based client using Synactive’s GuiXT mobile solutions. The architecture and deployment will be discussed.