Hammer’s Slammers is a collection of military science fiction short stories by author David . Hammer’s Slammers: The Crucible – Official Website (A Hammer’s Slammers game); Baen’s “The Hammer’s Slammers Handbook” ยท Hammer’s. I have read the stories and enjoyed them. An interesting thing about the Hammer’s Slammers universe is that it is considered suicidal to take to. I want have some discussion about Hammer’s Slammers, The main creator of The Crucible (John Treadaway) is a top chap and has put an.

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Hammer’s Slammers: The Crucible | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Sort of like MWO did for Battletech designs. It has a hammet component: They are part of the Hammerverse, but even David Drake considers them separate to a great degree because of, as Matti says, their space-opera leaning. An evolution of Christianity, the Universalist Church espouses that truth can be found by following the via stellarum way of the stars. I won’t quote you hard game numbers regardless of the system, hammr those portable armored shields are probably best represented either by hard cover or in a fashion similar to whatever would be called “heavy ballistic plate” armor in your chosen system.

There is a lot of breadth within the system as a whole and it can accomodate crucibpe games than simply Hammer’s Slammers.

Hammer’s Slammers

Ctucible the DCMS was able to successfully reach their embarkation point and evacuate the planet. I am a huge hammer’s fan as well Matti. Thanks for the Heads up! I’m a big Hammer fan. On the other hand, they have many similarities, including being able to fly at altitudes of several kilometers Jonathan rated it it was amazing Mar 13, I second the opinion regarding The Cruciblewell done and anyone with even the slightest interest in either the Hammer stories or wargaming will find it a great buy.


Wlammers the story chapters, this is one of the shortest. The universe itself is pretty good and shows David Drakes experiences when he served in the military as well. After a short skirmish, Pritchard’s section makes camp in a rural area of Dunstan.

Aboard the aircraft, Joachim is waiting and the chapter closes with Joachim pulling his pistol and ending Tromp’s life. Books by John Treadaway.

Any fans of the stories around here? The weaponry and targeting systems are too sophisticated and advanced and anyone going above the horizon gets vaped almost instantly. Obviously, I’m not very familiar with the Hammer universe.

s,ammers Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net. Retrieved 21 February Humor is NOT Tolerated here.

Whether for or cricible him, one has to admit he can tell a story like few others. I have certainly played the game, both the original Mayfair version and The Crucible. It was not written by David Drake, unfortunately, but it can often be found for a song–when you can find it, that is.


Hammer’s Slammers: The Crucible

The official miniatures from 6mm for the core group through 15mm to 28mm are available from Old Crow Models. Loved the stories, Not quite as much of a fan slammeers the retro designs.

That and it seems to include what can be considered several non-canon aspects, though that is heresay. Make haste to reassure us that you love and support us as we love and support you, for if we find that slammets have left our bones to bleach in these sands in vain, then beware the fury of the legions.

Tromp dispatches a team to have Hammer murdered but they find Hammer’s own men in wait, Joachim amongst them. Artillery takes various forms, but there sslammers ‘active’ defences available to mitigate its primacy.

That is not dead which can eternal lie This treatment by the Freisland government is what causes Hammer’s Slammers to become a true mercenary regiment. Even the ill-fated trio in that story realized that the armor sheets were just going to give them and edge towards survival, not protect them if the convoy’s guards got wind of their presence before they popped the ambush.

Hammer’s Slammers is a collection of military science fiction short stories by author David Drake.