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Dress up as a real extreme police officer in your problemjne police uniform suite and get a variety to burn the tires of your police patrol extreme race cars. In this beautiful 3D city environment you can earn a big deal of money from successful chase missions, just chase and win and ace the mission to get money as reward and from that amount you can unlock other cars and trucks.

Become a real responsible duty police driver in this action packed cop and crime chasing and smashing criminal cars game. This will eventually decrease your life so you got to be careful on the road and keep an eye on other cars and road signals.


Tribune Games Mobile Studios. Smash the escaping criminal cars that resist arresting.

Show guts to raise the top of notorious criminal piles in crazy police car escape plan game. Gangster Escape Sim game after robbing gold and diamonds from the city big bank.

Chase Me If You Can: Drive your extreme city police chase sports car from perilous hot crime maze of modern city streets in Police Car Chase: Drive any car that you have ever dreamed of as an elite police force extreme commando. Become a dinosaur police and bring those prison breakers to justice. Enjoy the upcoming adventures of the extreme police and gangster car chase and escape.

Drive like a pro and survive through breathtaking 3D amazing environments to outrun danger and be the best in police moto game and earn cash as a reward to heoroid great modern underworld cars. Ride in multiple police motor vehicles to reach the destination and kill the escaping criminals and evade the deadly obstacles to take over big city.

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Hit prooblemine smashing cop lights on, and let the evil outlaws hear the flashing police siren. Gangster Escape Sim while racing with criminals you have to be extra careful and try not to collide with extreme dangerous and stubborn hurdles and buildings.

This is an all in one complete gangster crime escape missions from extreme police chase car before they catch you again.


There is a large variety of many of high speed cars from different crazy race in this criminal and police car chase. Be a famous criminal killer; make an escape plan from police extreme car racer by safe driving in cops and robbers chasing sim. Street Runner is an addictive running game for Android!


Play police car gangsters chase crime and become a real police cop of this epic police game. This is the extreme mission to follow the escaping criminals in this fun chase and run game.

Gangster Escape Sim is the best police and gangster chase game with the fun of driving city police heomroid cars, evading danger and enjoying the threat of death after bank robbery, keep on racing through destructive road obstacles and dangerous 3D city roads!

The driving is super smooth, easy and realistic, cars have a great sense of weight and the ideal momentum on them makes do drifts in this police car gangster escape drifting 3D game. In Police Car Chase: Mental Hospital Survival 3D. Show your amazing car driving skills that you have learnt at the city police driving and chasing school.