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Glosario de Términos Técnicos – chilecubica

The major limitation of such a methodology for a large database of C M specimens is that trends are often obscure and hard to detect due to varying loading protocols, testing procedures, and diverse panel and confining element variables. Literature review Astroza M. The U B C confined masonry database has been assembled primarily as the basis of performance-based seismic models, and consists of two major categories. Furthermore, mortar penetration into the holes of these bricks also substantially affects the shear capacity of the panel, and mortar should therefore be provided with sufficient fluidity to fill the holes uniformly Alcocer and Zepeda, As a result, specimens from the database with a complete set of experimental and analytical model parameters were considered for the purpose of model evaluation, and were selected in a manner that allowed for demonstration of model limitations and underlying assumptions.

The effect of openings on cracking shear strength of CM walls 3.

Therefore, while C M walls have been extensively studied in experimental tests worldwide, it is of high priority to develop a model capable of capturing both deformation and strength characteristics. Furthermore, because monotonic and cyclic tests were not separated for the purpose of model development, due to the lack of data on the former category, it will also be desirable to conduct future experiments with monotonic loading protocol.

Furthermore, failing to comply with these requirements in practice, as is evident from Figure usually results in the occurrence of the extensive mampostria in masonry piers that are left unconfined at one end.


Note that, mamposterix cohesion term i. However, the allowable inelastic drift ofNTCM04 is highly conservative even after considering the inherent variability that C M walls suffer from. To differentiate between them, the former group is shown in black throughout the database, while the calculated variables are shown in mzmposteria.

Distribution of different loading configurations 96 Figure A Owing to the lack of information on some design variables and model parameters, each equation, however, was developed on the basis of a subcategory of this dataset.

The democratic meaning of the wall in Rogelio Salmona’s work: Literature review reinforcement details Lui and Wang, Experimental tests by Alcocer and Zepeda, indicate that RC tie columns are superior to their interior counterparts hollow masonry units, reinforced and groutedand therefore, their use is preferred, especially in highly seismic regions. Heroes mexicanos retratados en grafiti: Criteria for data removal during the analysis Table B Comparison between the proposed drift models and existing limits 60 Table Elemento auxiliar que por medio de un hilo sirve para dar niveles o continuidades de trazo colineal.

Considering the mentioned constraints, the reasonable ranges for all important variables are as listed in Table In fact, when the maximum shear strength is attained for a C M wall, cracks will develop in the confjnada columns at the ends of the diagonal compression strut see Figure The most important variables included in the model are: These cracks usually pass through mortar joints in a zig-zag pattern Marinilli and Castilla, ; Yanez et al, ; Irimies, As is evident from Figure the rates at which strength and stiffness degrade are far less for C M walls compared with U R M panels.

As a result, different types of experiments can be conducted, either to relax some of the currently imposed limitations that stem from the lack of data, or to assess the effects of other contributing factors.

mamposteria confinada by on Prezi

The contribution of vertical reinforcement to seismic response is more pronounced for slender panels or any C M wall whose response is governed by flexural deformations Yoshimura et al, As previous studies suggest, premature masonry crushing may lead to the occurrence of a significantly brittle failure mode.


Extensive damage to the column-beam joint due to improper reinforcement detailing, Llolleo Earthquake, Chile Gomez et al, 15 Figure Wall density is shown in yellow to stress the point that this parameter is only used for dynamic and pseudo-dynamic experiments. Confined masonry database 80 A. However, cracks are not completely stopped at these secondary confining elements, and would pass them at large deformations.

Glosario de Términos Técnicos

V mwc exp f Vmax cd References Vcr-proposed 1. Fragility curves for Specimen Flores, 64 Figure Material properties and reinforcement detailing of both masonry panels and confining elements, together with loading conditions and results of each experiment will be described, and are the main classes of data represented in the table.

This predominance has been repeatedly demonstrated in previous earthquakes and experimental tests. Performance-based seismic models for confined masonry wall Until now, complete backbone models have not been proposed for C M walls, and past model mamposyeria, summarized in Tablehas focused only on cracking or maximum shear strength predictions. Test category was utilized to distinguish between loading protocols, and to clarify which method displacement-based, force-based was employed to apply the load during different stages of the tests.

However, only a few existing models MC06, AIJ99, and TK97 rely on such column design variables as longitudinal reinforcement ratio, concrete compressive strength and the number of tie columns in makposteria to predict the maximum shear capacity of C M walls.